Ghazni used to be the cultural hub of Afghanistan during the regime of Mahmud Ghaznavee, who made this town the capital of his empire. During that time, Ghazni was the hometown of renowned poets, visionary scientists, famous musicians and brilliant artists and the world used to envy this city because of all these scholarly people. Nowadays Ghazni has become the industrial and trade station as this is the closest town from the capital Kabul.

Because of its glorious past, Ghazni has a lot of historical places that are worth visiting. Most famous is the mausoleum of Mahmud Ghaznavee which is situated in victory garden- as it was also his personal favorite garden. The tomb is made up of white stones and Afghan marble and is truly a marvel of architecture. It looks mesmerizing in the full moon night. In fact, it is one of those few views which would leave you completely speechless and enthralled.

Another place in Ghazni that must be visited is the Palace, which was built by Sultan Masud III, who ruled the area from 1099 to 1411 AD. This was initially his courtroom, but was later transformed into a full fledge palace, with a throne room, offices, quarters for soldiers, stables for horses and a mosque. This is a huge palace and the great architecture is a symbol of greatness of Mahmud Dynasty, who ruled the area for almost two centuries. Rulers of this dynasty were obsessed with gardens and that is the reason why Ghazni still has a lot of gardens.

Minarets, which is actually a mosque, is inspired from the QutabMinar of Delhi. These minarets are built with same architecture and design as those of QutabMinar. Long towers of the building are visible from a long distance and the internal roofs are engraved with writings in the Nokshi script. Sadly, most of the part of this building is ruined but some portion of the building has been fortunately preserved and is opened for the tourists.

This town is one of the largest exporters of sheep skin and if you want a sheep skin coat then you can get one from here at a pretty good rate. War has literally destroyed Afghanistan with the infrastructure being in terrible condition. These two things have caused a huge decline to the region’s tourism industry as well. But now United Nations is taking special interest and is rebuilding the infrastructure to bring it back to life.

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