Get Thrilled in Electrifying Mumbai


Mumbai is the new name of Old Bombay.  Mumbai is known as the city of dreams which spots large incursion or influx of visitors who come to witness staggering beauty and thrilling life.   Mumbai startles everyone with the two extreme classes one   filthy rich class residing in elite cuff parade to the poverty stricken class dwelling in slum areas of Dharavi. Mumbai is a headquarter of entertainment in India, where fans flock to see a glimpse of their hot favorite bigwigs of  Bollywood. Platter of tourist attractions in Mumbai are:

Superb Parks of Mumbai

Mumbai hosts country's best amusement Park in the likes of Essel World. It is designed according to the modern international standards and welcome around 1.8 million visitors every year. Essel World is particularly famous for its thrilling rides. Another amusement park Fantasy Land is famous for exciting games and rides. Mumbai has Asia's largest water park in the form of Water Kingdom which is a perfect and ideal place of delight which offers hordes and swarms of water wonders in the form of crazy rides.

Mumbai Beaches

A trip to Mumbai is incomplete without a visit to its spectacular beaches. North to marine drive is located Chow patty Beach where people of all age groups come and enjoy the sensational beauty and sands of the beach. Johu Beach is a popular tourist destination and an ideal residential spot for the elite. Well known personalities from Bollywood industry live in location of   Johu Beach.

Popular monuments in Mumbai

Mumbai has a wide range of historical landmarks and monuments. Famous Elephanta Caves besides its amazing Halls, courtyards, Porticos has great images and portrays of Gods and Goddesses. The Flora Fountain is a great tourist attraction named after the Roman goddess of beauty and prosperity 'Flora'. One of country's architectural wonder is The Gateway of India which is located on the shores of Arabian Sea and is a starting point for visitors who come to explore exuberant and electrifying life in Mumbai.

Religious essence in Mumbai

To satisfy the religious need of the natives and foreign visitors, Mumbai has many temples in the likes of Buddhist Temple, Jain Temple, Mahalaxmi temple, Mount mar church and Haji Ali Dargah.

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