The Genocide Trail in Rwanda

The Genocide Trail in Rwanda

No one can argue against the fact that Kigali bears one of the saddest histories compared to other global cities. Kigali city is found in Rwanda and bears most of the memories over the Rwandan genocide where over 600,000 people were brutally massacred. Although a lot has changed, the city still harbors lots of things that are reminiscent of the brutal genocide. Today though, Rwanda is safe, and no signs of recurrence of such an act ever again are visible or can be tolerated. If you ever visit Kigali, the amazing sites of welcoming people are evidence of the country’s new found stability. Here are some important sites to visit if you ever visit Kigali.

Nyamata Church

Nyamata church holds somber memories of the events that occurred in the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. To many Rwandans, the memories are sad. The church hosts piles of decaying clothing and its walls are still blood stained with the location remaining unaltered since the genocide took place. In this Church, more than 5000 people were brutally killed.

Hotel Des Mille Collines

If you ever watched the movie, “Hotel Rwanda,” then you are probably familiar with Hotel Des Mille Collines. It is the most famous Rwandan site following the shooting of the movie at this location. However, it has been upgraded into an upmarket hotel and restaurant that is a little costly. As a matter of fact, the hotel offers an opportunity to visitors to stay in a place where genocide was experienced.

Kigali Genocide Memorial Center

The site is a stark reminder of the worst genocide in the 20th century. It ensures that the sad impact of the genocide is not forgotten anytime soon. The sad emotions arising from the genocide are compounded by the fact that visitors get to view the horrors next to those that the horrors were committed against. The place not only mourns humanity tragedy but that of their close relations as well.

Presidential Palace Museum

The museum is the site of death of the former Prime Minister. The Prime Minister died as a result of the 1994 Rwandan genocide following his plane’s crash. Although their museums do not have a lot to offer, you will get to view the wrecked plane’s wreckage found in the secret passages. In general, the city is not extensively known as a tourist destination. However, years after the Genocide, the city acts as a landmark of change and choice for a better future over a one filled with conflicts. Today, people from across the global free interact in Kigali perhaps an indicator of the healing that comes from the strong memories of genocide. To many others, the city stands a reminder of how the West can stand aside and watch as millions are brutally murdered without raising a hand to help. Perhaps it is a true reminder of what the world must never stand and watch unfolding. A visit to the city will offer a true picture of the effect of war.

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