Garden of the Gods - A Spot You Won’t Ever Forget!



Located in Colorado Springs, today what is known as the Garden Of The Gods, actually culminated from a geological turmoil about a million years ago. The history of this Garden can be traced back to 250 B.C. when it used to be one of the most preferred places of the Native American people for camping purposes. The people back then, deprived of any technological or advanced activities, were more inclined to study wild life and plants, flowers, unique species in the garden, etc., as their only source of entertainment. What they used to do was harness the overhangs that were naturally created by the rocks of the garden for shelter. Back then; this garden was called the Red Corral. Since then, the unique and appealing rock formations in the area have been the center of attraction for millions of tourists and travelers worldwide.

The garden is best known for its formation of unique sandstones which range from various colors like deep red, white and pink, exhibiting the beauty of Mother Nature. The lime stones of various shapes and colors are also deposited from time to time by alluvium.

Ecology wise, the garden is best known for its unique geographical outlook, where different species reside that you won’t find anywhere else. For example, the honey ant was first discovered here in the late 80s, plus the unique breeds of foxes, mule deer, big horn sheep, etc. are also found in the Garden of the Gods. The variety of amazing bird species also attracts the tourists especially the kids, including different species of canyon wrens, swallows, swifts with white throats and what not.

Most people enjoy horse riding in the garden but there are numerous other services provided as well,including hiking, rock climbing and the most loved, mountain biking. Wheelchair facilities are also available for senior and elderly visitors. And we must not forget there are some rules and terms that we need to follow to carry out any activity for safety reasons. Also, during a rainy day rock climbing and mountain biking might not be allowed for the wet and slippery rocks will present a safety hazard that may result in a serious accident.

If you are an unregistered member and you end up in any trouble while climbing the rocks, you might be charged with a fine as a rescue cost. Wearing the climbing equipment is very necessary no matter how pro and experienced a climber you are.

So, what are you waiting for? Make it your next destination for traveling and enjoy some thrilling times in the Garden of the Gods.Cheers!

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