Gamla Stan-Old Town Tour - Stockholm-Sweden

Gamla Stan Stockholm

There are a lot of unique things to see when visiting the old town in Stockholm. The old town is the original Stockholm. The town was set up during the 1300 century. There are about 3000 people living in the old city today. Most buildings are from the 1700 and 1800 century.

The dominant building in the old city is the king's castle. The old town is the place to be at, if you want to experience the town's pulse. The area has Stockholm's biggest ranges of restaurants, tourist shops, studios and museums. There are many wonderful paths to walk in the old town.

Today Gamla Stan (Old Town) is mainly for tourists who flock to see the sights of this fascinating part of Stockholm. Most cruise ships include Gamla Stan on a shore excursion, or you can wander the winding cobblestone streets of this small area on your own. Since Gamla Stan is on an island, you will need to cross one of several bridges to reach the Old Town.

Some of the Old Town's landmarks:

  • Stockholm's Royal Palace or Kungliga Slottet, is a large, distinctive building on the waterfront of Gamla Stan. The Palace was completed in 1754, and has a wonderful decor. The Royal Palace has several museums worth visiting if you have the time or if the weather permits.

  • Royal Armory This museum is much more than just a collection of weapons. Although it does have a wonderful collection of medieval armor, the Royal Armory also has Swedish royal gowns, carriages, and even baby wear.

  • Museum of Antiquities (Gustav III's Antik-museum) King Gustav III collected a large number of classical Roman statues while traveling in Italy during the late 1700s. The statues are presented as they were originally displayed.

  • Iron Boy sculpture The miniature (less than one foot tall) Iron Boy sculpture is the favorite of Stockholm residents and tourists. The statue is also called Jarnpojke, and was created by Liss Eriksson in 1919.Many people rub his head for luck or wisdom and leave candy or coins for the small boy (or the poor).

  • The Cathedral of Stockholm, called Storkyrkan, was consecrated in 1306. All the royal weddings and coronations take place here.

  • Storatorget, the old square of Stockholm, is picturesque and filled with history. The old square is ringed with lovely 18th century buildings and has interesting narrow shopping streets leading to and from its center.

  • The Nobel Museum, which is located on Storatorget in the center of Gamla Stan, was opened in 2001 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Nobel Prize. The portraits and prize citation of all the 700-plus winners hang in random order from the ceiling of the museum and move along a unique cable way around the room.

  • Although there are many interesting sites in old town Stockholm, visitors need to also just take some time to wander through the narrow streets and alleyways.

  • The cast-iron steeple of Riddarholm Church, which dates from 1841, is one of the most distinctive landmarks on the Stockholm skyline. Riddarholm is the second-oldest church in Stockholm.

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