French Polynesia - A Dream Paradise

French Polynesia

How better can a paradise be described other than, a place sculpted with sky-piercing, moss-green peaks, in addition to being lined with vivid turquoise lagoons?
This is the descriptions matching the French Polynesia where tourists can take it slow and feel the warmth offered by a laid-back unique island. Other than offering a dream landscape, French Polynesia is characterized with turquoise waters receding towards the uninhabited South Seas islet of Tapu.

Its amazing look is further supported by a triangular speck of sand, coconut palms, red hibiscus, white gardenia as well as yellow plumeria blossoms strewn on the water at the edge of the land. As a matter of fact, its beauty ranges from its volcanic origin to the unspoiled beauty and lovely lagoons amidst coral reefs. It is simply easy to fall in love with its natural beauty.

It comes as no surprise that the French Polynesia is rated amongst the world’s most famous vacation destination. It is the extinct volcano peaks that form amazing background sets against blue pacific waters as well as white sands which dominate the island’s center. It also features steep and jagged peaks. Additionally, as an individual approaches from sea/air, it is impossible not to be flabbergasted by Mt. Otemanu’s basalt obelisk, the extinct volcano remains, and the natural sculpture majestically towering the intense emerald green island. Further, the islands are surrounded by deep blue lagoons as well as long barrier coral reefs.

The beautiful and virgin coral reefs make the island the best place any tourist would want to be in. In Addition, its shallow waters are dotted with beautiful lagoons famous for their un-spoilt beauty. It further possesses unbroken expanse of warmth, white sand surroundings, as well as a white collar of perfection for worshipers of sun.

It is not unheard of for travelers to hock their worldly possessions if only they get to enjoy a romantic sojourn and nights in the island's over-water bungalows which protrude against the dreamy lagoon. As a matter of fact, the days spent on the beach, almost ever in shadow of the mythically sculpted Mt. Otemanu are an experience of lifetime.

The best times to get a feel of the French Polynesia are winter months, including, June, July, and August. However, April to May offer better periods to visit the island. During these periods, the weather is much comfortable as compared to the height of summer, additionally, humidity is low, and the summer rains are long gone. Most importantly, it is this period when the resorts are not crowded, the rates are low, and there are lots of options on offer.

In general, the Polynesian French acts as a divine destination conventionally whispered in similar breezy breath as the words ‘a dream vacation’ does. It conjures some cool sense of paradise tranquility alongside sun-drenched tropical beaches. This is in addition to the sapphire-hued waves lapping at its pristine shoreline. Also of interest is the island’s completeness coupled with palm trees, bright azure skies as well as blissful serenity. With careful planning, it is easy for one to enjoy an endless summer.

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