Frankfurt-Bank on a Good Holiday


Frankfurt is the largest city in Hessen and the fifth-largest one in all of Germany. It has the largest financial sector in all Europe and ranks as one of the largest financial centers in the world. The European Central Bank has one of its headquarters and it is the main hub of one of the world’s biggest banks, Deutsch bank. The city of Frankfurt is considered as a global city with people of many nationalities living here. Despite a high level of skyscrapers and buildings, there is a lot for tourists to come and enjoy.


The word Römer is a German word originated from  Roman. It means a set of nine houses, that form the Frankfurt main city hall. It was acquired from a wealthy Frankfurt merchant family and it is divided into many rows and columns. Earlier, there was an upper hall called the Kaiser hall, where the newly crowned emperors will hold banquets and other ceremonies. it's a place of global interest due to its different type of architecture, the Römer was damaged during  the World War II till its restoring. The city’s surrounding square is named after the hall.

St. Paul’s Cathedral:

St. Paul’s Church which is called Paulskirche in Germany is one of the most important symbols of German nationalism as well as a bastion to its political history. This is because it was a seat of the first ever democratically elected Parliament of the nation in 1848 and established 1789. The importance of the church have its roots in the Frankfurt Parliament, which met the church during the revolutionary years of 1848/49 in order to write a constitution of the united Germany. The parliament was however dissolved and the church was used for normal activities ever since. Must visit this church to devout Christians as well as the tourists.

Alte Opera:

The Alte Opera is a former opera house of Frankfurt and hence it is aptly named the Old Opera in German. It was built in 1880 and now it attracts tourists mainly. During it's a prime one of the major opera houses of Germany and Europe. Due to its heavy damage due to the War. It suffered and now is characterized as one of the most beautiful ruins in all Germany till 1970. Then, it was commissioned and restored.

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