Four Essential Things to Do in Barcelona

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“A beberyatragar, que el mundo se va a acabar.” (Eat, drink and be merry,for tomorrow we die)- Spanish proverb.

People have bucket lists, things they would like to do, places they would like to visit and foods they would like to eat before they die. Unfortunately, most of us do not get the opportunity. So, if you ever get the chance, go on a trip to Barcelona.

They say that the Spanish know how to party, and that the Barcelonans know how to throw a party. If that is true, what are you heading for? Pack your bag and book your flight right now!

When to visit

Really, you can go anytime you want, but ideally, August is the busiest time of the year. The city is great during off-seasons and is lovely even in winter months of January and February, so as long as the possibility of rain is low. During these winter months, the city is not too cold averaging between 9-10°C with beautiful sunny and blue skies.

Things to do:

It is absolutely impossible to get bored in Barcelona. The best concerts, exhibitions and cultural events await you, every second of every day. Here is a list of the four things that you must try while in Barcelona:

  • Visiting PlacaReial- Seriously, this is the place to be while in Barcelona. It is a beautiful square located just off Las Ramblas. This spot is a paradise for every food lover. If you want to sway to the beat of the best nightclubs, rock out to some cool indie music concert or simply sit back and gorge on classic Spanish and Catalian food, do not miss this place.

  • Getting Lost in El Born & El Gotico- These places house some of the most beautiful streets in all of Europe. Take a long calming walk with your partner or family, as you feel the gentle wind on your face. If you are not a fan of walking, there are a myriad of quirky restaurants, quaint cafes, vintage shops and bars for you to hang out. You simply cannot say that you have seen Barcelona until you have seen these streets.

  • Kick Back and Relax at One of the Beaches- This place is one of Europe’s biggest beach cities. There is a beach for everyone and anything goes.Barceloneta is the most popular beach, where the beach bars pump out loud reggae music, and the people throw back mojitos, like water. The constant buzz of life in this beach is bound to make you excited.Once you have experienced what Barcelonetahas to offer, take a walk along the promenade that takes you to almost all of Barcelona’s best beaches.

  • Outdoor Film Screenings- The weather in Barcelona is just perfect for outdoor screening of films. Naturally, a number of film festivals, like the Cinema Lliure, have popped up over the decade.  The films span across different directors, languages and genres. Just sit back, kick your feet up, grab some food and enjoy the movie underneath the starry sky.

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