Forgotten Wonders of The World

Forgotten wonders of the World

Now and again we hear about the Seven Wonders of the World. The one that rules the mind presently like Great Wall of China or TajMahal in India or the ancient one like the Light House of Alexandria and Temple of Artemis or Statue of Zeus. But the world is not just restricted to these 7 wonders of present, there are many other places that did not make the cut to the elite but they are no less fascinating than the others. These wonders might be slightly less known than them and they are little bit remote or less prominent on the map may be but they will knock your shoes off when you get the chance to visit them. So this vacation unravels the unknown and you will be in for a pleasant surprise.

Mayan Temple: - well we all know about the Mayan Calendar which apparently predicted the world’s end in 2012, and thus resulting in making of many movies. The Temple is much more fascinating than the calendar it self. Mayans were glorious in their prime and this temple is a proof of that. They flourished around 250 to 900 AD and there influence spread through present day southern Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. These temples are built on top of pyramids situated at the heart of the city and they are beautiful. This temple holds hieroglyphic plates and also, many huge jade treasures have been found in underground crypts.

Throne Hall of Persepolis: - One of the capital cities of Persian Empire,Persepolis is now just ruins lying at the foot of the Kouh-e Rahmat, located around 850 Km from Tehran. The Throne Hall of Persepolis was the second largest building in the city at that times and it was also called the Hall of Hundred Columns, which was derived from the presence of a hundred pillars that supported the roof. The pillars were wooden but their stone base still remains till now. It was a place where kings use to receive nobles, high-end royals and dignitaries.

Red Fort India: - One of the most popular sites of India made by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in 1693 AD the same individual who made TajMahal. The fort, which is located in Delhi, is made of red sandstone, which imparts it the name, the “Red Fort”. It was built as a palace of new capital Shahjahanabad. The walls surround some 1.5 miles and it varies in height. It is an architectural marvel and you will need a full day to see the fort.

Borobudur Temple: - An ancient Budhist temple located in country of Java, central Java to be more precise. It has 3 tiers pyramid base with five concentric square terraces, the trunk in shape of 3 circular platforms, and momentalstupa on top. The total surface area is of 2500-meter square. There are 72 stupas and the architecture is really mesmerizing.

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