Dinner in Sky

These days the concept of restaurant has completely changed. It is not necessary that big, fancy and expensive restaurants serve good food with excellent taste. Many restaurants across the globe have completely changed this old idea.

These days a good restaurant may only have space for a single table instead of large halls and rooms and it would still be considered as an amazing place. Here we will discuss five restaurants of the world from Las Vegas to Finland that have completely changed the dinning trend of the world.

Eenmaal-Amsterdam, the Netherlands

World’s first one-person restaurant opened its door for the world on June 27 2013. It was launched by Dutch design agency Marina Van Goor and creative agency Vandejong. This pop-up restaurant is unique in many ways as it is the world’s solitary restaurant which serves one person at a time and only opens a few times in the year. This restaurant provides an exciting experiment to pose a challenge to solitary dining. It has an ever changing menu according to the season with rich dishes that include pork belly with pickles, duck breast with red sauce, sausages with homemade mustard sauce and many more never-forgetting foods.

Dinner in the sky-Las Vegas, United States of America

Dinner in the Sky (yes, it is really is the name of a restaurant) is one of the most unique restaurants in the world which is Belgian-based. It consists of only 22 seats. As the name implies it allows diners to have their meal in the sky literally. Once all the guests have been seated the chairs are attached to the table, and the table rises 180ft in the air! Now who wouldn’t want to try that! So the question is how is the food served when diners are up there? Well the meal is prepared from the centre of the circular table and served to guests. Those who want to use the bathroom send a signal to the on-board servers who send down the table.

Holzkknechthuette-Carinthia, Austria

Holzkknechuette is one of the smallest restaurants in the world. This restaurant is a part of Almdorf Seinerzeit resort. It is widely known for its forestry environment. This restaurant consists of snug huts that accommodate only four people.  The chef prepares a multi-course menu on open fire that also is a source of attraction for the people. The menu includes many local dishes such as steak, grand Marinier pancakes and many others.

Solo per due-Vacone, Italy

The phrase “solo per due” means only for two and that is the name of this strange yet awesome restaurant. It is not only one of the smallest but also one of the most romantic restaurants on earth. It consists of a one-room area with one table seating two people at a time. The attention of the whole staff is dedicated to only two people, which makes the guests concentrate on their partner rather than looking for the waiter the whole time. There is no concept of any queue, waiting or turns. The cost of dinner is 250 Euros per person that offers you a meal of fish and meat breast.

Kuappi-Isalmi, Finland

The kuappi restaurant is opened during the summer at lisalmi Port, Finland. This small restaurant is built on only eight square meters and consists of a small dining hall of 3.6m. The dining room accommodates two customers at time. The cooking is done at the next-door restaurant olutmestari that offers fresh and fried sea-food.

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