Most Famous Festivals around the World

Holi Festival

There are so many festivals in the world which you definitely don’t want to miss in your life. These festivals are the place where all the people from the world gather together and enjoy.

Some of the most famous festivals around the world are;

Harbin ice and snow festival in China:

Harbin ice and snow festival in China in the event through which people are able to make big buildings and other incredible things with ice and snow, and then decorate it with lights. This festival goes on for a month from 5th January to 5th February.

Holi festival in India:

Holi festival is celebrated in India, in which Sikhs and Hindus throw colored powder and colored water over each other. It is incredibly fun and continues for 16 days.

Pingxi Lantern festival in Taiwan:

Pingxi Lantern festival in Taiwan is all about people writing their wishes on the fire Lantern and then it is released in the air. At night all the lanterns together ascend the skies creating a very beautiful view of floating lights.

The battle of the oranges:

The battle of the oranges in Ivrea, Italy is this festival where people make two teams and throw enormous amounts of oranges at each other in the month of February.

Ultra music festival in the US:

Ultra music festival in Miami, Florida is a festival only for music lovers. All of those in love with music cannot miss it and make sure your dress is outrageous.

Sand festival in Texas:

Sandfest in port Aransas in Texas;  is this festival where people make beautiful sculpture out of sand and a contest is also organized in order to give prize to the person whose sand art is the best.

La tomatina in Spain:

La tomatina is a festival in bunol, Spain. The only aim of the people in this festival is to throw tomatoes at each other. You might get dirty and red but no one would want to miss a tomato fight!

Halloween Festival of the Dead all over the world:

Halloween Festival in Massachusetts, USA, is celebrated in other countries as well. This festival is the most famous in America because in this festival children and adults decorate their houses with scary decorations and dress up as scary characters; the children go to every door step in the neighborhood and ask for trick or treat (candies). This festival is celebrated at the end of October.

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