Fall head over heel for Italy's Salento

Italy Salento

Believe me you will be in love with Salento region as you come to experience historical places, various cultures, wild beaches, affordable prices, seriously tempting food and wine and last but not the least the venture of Salento, the sun kissed south of Puglia at the heel of Italy’s boot. Read more to have a real feel of Salento.

For the Italians, Puglia the southern part of Salento is like Cornwall and they come here for food, sun, sea, fishing and much more. One of the famous restaurants down the Salento area is Gustavo Braceria. People come here with family and friends to enjoy and have a great time greeting their old and new friends. The night comes alive once the bottles of wine are opened and the successions of dishes are in flow. Gustavo Braceria is becoming more popular these days and the news is spreading around. The restaurant opened 3 years ago on the edge of a small town Galatone, in the Salento. Gustavo Braceria has become the favorite spot for many and people from northern Italy are often found here.

If you are looking for a property in Salento, then there are characterful old buildings at throw away prices with an eye-pleasing landscape of olive groves, clear seas and wild beaches. Across the peninsula there are some ruined buildings that echo to the sound of hammers and drills as they are transformed into holiday homes, hotels and guesthouses.

To the southernmost point of Salento is a sanctuary at Santa Maria di Leuca which is known for amphitheaters, castles, palaces and churches shapes. Long ago Greeks, Byzantines, Normans, Romans and Spaniards left their mark in this place. It is being observed that people in villages between Maglie and Lecce, still speak grico, i.e. anItaliot Greek dialect. The city of Lecce is beautiful and is the known capital of Salento and is the home to florid Santa Croce basilica. The best place to stay in Lecce is La Bella Lecce which is a comfortable guesthouse and comes around 55 Euro for double-bed a night. There are 4 rooms in total and one suite is capable of accommodating 3 people. You can enjoy the breakfast and the slice of freshly baked cake from the generously stocked guest kitchen.

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