fairfield california

Fairfield in the state of California. It is a city with low population, which makes people think it isn’t a fun place to be. If you’re on a road trip through California or on business work in the area, then be sure to visit at least a few of places there. The inns at Fairfield are comfortable and accommodating.

Travis Air Base Museum

If you are into American military aviation history, then this is the place to be. It isn’t a big museum but you will see aircraft there that you are unlikely to see anywhere else. The displays are very well documented and informative so you’ll learn something whether you came for that reason or not. There are exhibits of aircrafts from World War I till now. There are displays with power point presentations as well. It is free to enter. Mainly children who would love to see an airplane up close and also for the avid museum fans.

Rockville Hills Regional Park

It’s a great park offering visitors a beautiful scenic place to hike and to bike. The trail has lovely flowers and places where you can have a picnic. The trails are of different levels ranging from easy to moderate and difficult. There is also a map near the entrance for convenience of the hikers. The only downside is that you have to pay a fee to get in. I’ll recommend it to nature lovers, bikers, hikers and those wishing for a nice time outside.

Paradise Valley Golf Course

The golf course is well maintained and has a sister golf course over in the other town called Rancho Solano. Even those who don’t play golf can go every Thursday in the summer for a musical night there. Wedding receptions and such parties can also be held here. The service is excellent and the staff is helpful. Overall it’s a good place considering that it’s in a small city. I’d recommend it to everyone.

Jump Highway

Jump Highway is an amazing place to take your kid for some fun. Whether it’s someone’s birthday or it’s time for some weekend fun, your child will love it. There are trampolines for jumping and those who aren’t jumping can spend some time on the pool table. Downside is you have to fill out waiver forms before venturing into the jumping area and it can take about 10-15 minutes.

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