Exploring the Astounding Beauties of Ogunquit Beach

Ogunquit Beach

Located in the town of York in county of Maine, Ogunquit literally means ‘beautiful place by the sea’ in the local Abenaki language, fits its name perfectly. The beach is three and half miles long, full of breathtaking scenery composed of grassy dunes and white sandy beaches. If you are a beach lover then Ogunquit is your destination for all four seasons.  The unspoiled beaches of Ogunquit welcome tourists from all over the US and the world,offering half a dozen beaches from quieter Footbridge beach to Ogunquit accessible by foot.

During summers, walking on the pristine shore and watching water as it clashes over granite cliffs,with birch trees peeping from behind in the Marginal Way is just a glimpse of what this beautiful place can offer.

As you stroll down the Marginal Way you will be dazzled by the scenic beauty of the route all the way down to the Marginal Way Lighthouse.You can go for a drive to the museum which has a panoramic view of the ocean and the surroundings, or enjoy an evening of performing arts at the Ogunquit Playhouse. During winters, ice-skating on the water, and in the spring flowers in bloom attract hordes of visitors.

Ogunquit offers fresh seafood restaurants, boutiques, and it is the most walk able community in Maine. Runners, cyclists and walkers are always on the sidewalks and roads throughout the day.  Beaches are always filled with pedestrians, and if you have lodged locally you really have no use for a car.

Rated amongst the top 25 beaches in the US, and amongst top 10 by tourist polls,Ogunquit isa perfect destination for summer runaway or winter hideout. This long peninsula is a natural barrier between the Atlantic Ocean and Ogunquit River.  A heaven for sunbathers, there are spots for swimming,surfing, relaxing under the blue sky, walking on thebeach in search of shells and driftwood,and plenty of other summertime fun. The main beach has public restrooms, beach rental floats, chairs,umbrellas, surf boards.  You can get food from the Ogunquit Beach takeout stand or one of the many indoor restaurants around the beach. Beach volley and surfing are what most tourists do all day long. Life guards roam the beach all summer and stay on duty from 10 am to 7 pm every day.

The far end of Ogunquit is known as North Beach, and it has three beaches: Wells beach, Crescent Beach, and Drakes Island Beach. Crescent beach is a small beach and lacks most amenities like eateries, restrooms and lifeguards and offers limited parking space. Wells has life guards during summer, restrooms and restaurants, and it is bordered by grass and sand dunes.

Footbridge, which is the mid-section of Ogunquit Beach, is the option most people take when looking to escape the hustle of main beaches. Much quieter and less expensive it can be accessed from Ocean Street (1 mile north of the town center). Boston Magazine rated Footbridge as no. 1 beach in New England and Yankee called it best Maine crowd less beach. There is a large parking lot at the south end, outside showers for quick rinsing, picnic tables and restrooms for public. A nearby village hosts hotels, gift shops, snack bars and several other hangout places. However ifyou’re tiredof the quiet atmosphere of Footbridge, just walk to Ogunquit which happens to be just next door and delve in the action.

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