Exploring Culture and Nature on Chicago’s North Shore

Chicago North Shore

Do you want to learn about the diverse and rich culture of Chicago? Then pack your bags and head over to the north shore of Chicago which borders along Lake Michigan. The area is rich in cultural diversity and offers tourists a peek into the stunning natural beauty of Chicago. One never gets tired of the aesthetic beauty during their visit to the North Shore. To reach there you just need to board one of the city trains which have a fixed stop there.

Reinvigorate Yourself

As you take the journey, get your mind off the busy city life and establish a connection with nature in the Chicago Botanic Garden. The sheer magnitude of the garden strikes the tourist on the first visit. It’s a vast area, more than 385 acres, and includes 26 gardens, 9 islands, 4 natural areas and more than 2.7 million plants. The garden also houses a remarkable collection of Bonsai trees, with the collection reaching approximately 200. The sight is truly amazing. There is an option for travelling the whole length of the garden either on foot or by a tram.

Visiting the Divinity

The Baha’i House of Worship in Wilmette can be reached by driving a car along the Lake Michigan shoreline on Sheridan Road. The drive itself offers spectacular scenic beauty.

The temple is a visual treat with skilled architecture and decorated with minute and detailed carvings. Symbols featuring all of the world’s major religions are found engraved on the temple’s multiple columns.

Renewing Hope at the Illinois Holocaust Museum

After you have had the chance to enjoy your peace and tranquility, you should definitely visit this museum. Located just five miles west of the Baha’i temple in Skokie, the museum tells the story of the Holocaust. The Museum is constructed in such a way as to make the visitors enter through the dark side and leave through the light side, thus representing that hope can be found even after darkness. The Museum was founded by Holocaust survivors to honor and remember those who were lost and killed.

Appreciate the Bountiful Nature

At Emily Oaks Nature Center, spread over 13 acres of savanna, people are greeted with all kinds of native wildflowers, trails, three-acre ponds and many other of nature’s wonders. It is also an oasis to many different kinds of animals.

Take a Dip

There are a lot of beaches which allows tourists to soak in the cultural diversity of Chicago while unwinding themselves at the various beaches.

From breathtaking gardens, to museums to architectural gardens, Chicago’s North Shore is truly astounding.

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