Exploring Barcelona

Exploring Barcelona

Barcelona has always been the main focus of the rulers of Spain. Thus it is full of modern and ancient architecture masterpieces of all times. In simple words Barcelona is characterized by Gothic art, construction of renaissance period, grandiloquence of Muslim era and last but not the least modern architect of about 100 years back. With all its ancient history, Barcelona has still remained modern in its maintenance and international tendenciesmaking it a great tourist’s attraction.

Location and Places

It will be not wrong if I say that location of Barcelona has made it a metro from an ancient city as it is situated on North coast of Spain at Mediterranean Sea. For tourist it is a heaven as it is quite economic city along with all of its excitement like Gracia Festival, Picasso Museum, Pedralbes Monastery, Gaudi and much more. As Barcelona is abundant in visiting places I have pared a few of monuments of Barcelona for you that you won’t miss to visit.

  • Colon Monument is actually statue of Columbus. As Spanish claim for the Columbus so his statue is waving high in RasRamblas in commemoration of him. This is a great place to visit as this gigantic statue has stairs in it to climb on the top and have a look of the city from here.

  • Santa Caterina Market is an indulging place for the shoppers and architect lovers. It is the oldest shopping mall of Barcelona with magnificent buildings and a lot of colors.

  • Camp Nou Stadium is the place of great FC Barcelona club. It’s an invigorant place not only for football lovers but for every tourist as you can experience the world’s biggest, breath taking excitement over here. Moreover, guided tour to whole city can also be hunt from here.

  • Montjuic Castle with a chequered history is found in the heart of the city. Once, Montjuic Castle was an execution place and cell. It has also played morbid in the struggles of Catalonia. In short, a worth seeing place with a very lovely surrounding and scenery of the city from its top.

  • Gas Natural Tower is the most dominating skyscraper of Barcelona catching the eyes of tourists. It is designed by Catalan architect EnricMiralles and the Italian architect Benedetta Tagliabue. It is worth seeing because of its unique design and controversial nature.

  • Barcelona Olympic Stadium is one of the biggest events venue in Barcelona that regularly holds Catalan national football event and all the sports festivals of the city.

  • Jaume Fuster Library is a grand library with superb architecture contemporary to award winning. It is situated in Gràcia'sPlaça Lessepswith its full glory. You would never miss to visit it.

  • Poble Espanyol is place for you if you like to see all the architecture of Spain in one place. PobleEspanyol is a model village encompassing all the types of buildings and architecture styles of whole country. It is located in Montjuic, Barcelona. Visiting it is a fabulous experience in itself.

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