Exploring Amazing Pakistan

Exploring Amazing Pakistan

Pakistan is the land of diverse culture, historical landscapes, religious diversity, amazing people and natural beauty. It is a cause of this fact that it attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every year.

Pakistan comprises of four Provinces, to explore this wonderful piece of land it is pertinent to visit historical places, tourist's attractions, culture and Heritage sites each Province is bestowed with.

Heart of Pakistan: Punjab

It is the second largest province of Pakistan. It is well known for ancient civilizations, cultural heritage, Dynasties and Empires. The capital Lahore is pearl among cities of Punjab famous not only for its fabulous foods but also is acenter of major historical sites such as Lahore Fort, Badshahi mosque, Shalimar Garden, Tomb of Jahangir and Noor Jahan , Minar-e- Pakistan, Anarkali Bazar etc. Rawalpindi is popular Hill stop which sets, out to beautiful places like Murree, Nathiagali, Bhoorban, Azad Kashmir, Northern Areas and Gilgit Baltistan.Sheikhupura is famous for historical HiranMinar and SheikhupuraFort. Faisalabad is quite popular for Clock Tower and Eight Bazars representing Union Jack Flag. Southern Punjab is mostly a deserted region. Multan is well known land of Saints and Sufis. Shrines of Bahaudin Zakarya and Tomb of Rukhn-e- Alam are famous places to visit. Bahawalpur is near Cholistan and a Thar Desert is also a great tourist destination.


It is the land to welcome Islam in Subcontinent. It is also rich in cultural heritage besides it has seen great urbanization since the division of subcontinent. The great Indian civilization finds its signs in the land of Moenjodaro. Sindh has many shrines and great Mousoleums such as Shah Abdul LatifBhatai, Shah Jahan Mosque, LalshahbazQalandar, Tomb of Quiad-e Azamand GarhiKhudaBakhsh. Karachi is the capital of Sindh and a great economic hub of the country. It has Country's largest port. Other great sites include National Museum of Pakistan, Hindu Gynkhana, and Mohattapalace. Superb beaches include Clifton beach and sandpitbeach, Port Grand and Manora Island. Hyderabad includes number of sites such as TalpurMir.KortDiji Fort in KortDiji is very famous. Sukhur has iconic SukharBaraj.


Geographically it is the largest Province of Pakistan.Those who are interested in archeology can see many ancient Neolithic sites. (7000 to 25000 BC). Quetta is the capital of Province which has many magnificent sites Hanna Lake, HazarGanj Chilton National Park. Ziarai is a famous place as it has residence of the founder of Pakisatn. It is also popular for Juniper forests, the oldest forests in the world. The city of Sibi is quite popular for Jigra Hall. Horse and cattle show and Annual SibiFestival.Balochistanhas many mountain passes. The Bolan Pass, Harnai Pass, Khojak Pass. Gwadar is significant port based near the land of Makran.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa:

It represents the North- West of Pakistan and a top tourist spot with multiple landscapes, hills, great valleys, agricultural diverse forms.Peshawar the capital has many wonderful sites to visit such as BalaHisar Fort, GorKunthree, Mohabat khan Mosque, Peshawar Museum and famous KissaKhawani market. The signs of Hindu Ruins are also to be found in the area ofKafirKot. Mansehrais theimportant city of KPK as it leads and sets out to Northern areas of Pakistan. The city is also linked with Krakoram Highway. The province has great passes, the great Khyber Pass, Lowari Pass, Babar Pass and many rock formations.

Pakistan is a magnificent land and a must visited place which has a lot to offer according to the tastes of visitors and tourists. Pakistan Zindabad!!

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