Explore the Paradise in the Exotic Philippine Sea

Philippines sea

The Northern Mariana Islands are composed of around 14 islands out of which just three are inhabited-Saipan, Tinian and Rota. The largest of these particular islands is Saipan, which is just five miles away and southwest of Tinian and Rota. These islands are great for indulging in outdoor activities like golf and it even has ocean front courses for golf enthusiasts. These islands are also an excellent destination for diving is also home to many coral reefs, underwater caverns and World War II shipwrecks as well.

The Diving Activities at the Grotto

Saipan is extremely famous for its unique diving spot, The Grotto, which is basically a collapsed limestone carvel pool filled with water and three underwater passageways. Usually The Grotto remains calm but at times, it has powerful surges of water coming in and out. The Grotto now has steep concrete stairs, which can take you deep down to the water.

Inside there are many tiny stalactites dripping from above along with spider webs hanging overhead that offer a great opportunity to take enthralling pictures providing you catch the right light. A glowing blue light, which comes from the tunnels that lead to the open sea, seems to emerge from the bottom of the rock wall.

Coral Reef at Its Best at Managaha Island

Managaha Island was formed about 10,000 years ago after the geological forces lifted it above sea level. Now it is filled with sand beaches and offers some of the best snorkeling opportunities for the tourists. The vast and clear surroundings of this island have abundant sea life and beautiful coral.

There is a three-mile Saipan Beach Pathway that envelops the outer edges of the island and happens to be a perfect spot to take a long walk and soak in the aesthetic scenery and beauty of the island. Once you have enjoyed your walk and you feel the need to rest, stop at the white sandy beaches, lie down to have a nap and relax like never before.

Get Close To History

Obyan Beach offers an expansive white sand beach with calm waters, which is protected by Naftan Point. This beach happens to be a great destination for snorkeling expeditions. This beach also has World War II concrete bunkers near the parking area at the entrance to the beach. And inside near a grove of coconut trees are the remains of eight historical latte stones which date back to 1500 BC.

You can also indulge in some leisure activities like visiting the Tinian Dynasty Hotel and Casino and trying your luck at the slot machines or gambling tables and with your winnings, you can shop in the peculiar and intriguing shops of the city of Garapan.

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