Explore the Gorgeous Grass-Covered Sand Dunes and More at Tybee Island, Georgia


Tybee Island

To the Native Americans, Tybee means ‘salt’. However, the gorgeous island of Tybee is a lot more than its name; it’s a three mile-long expanse of bewitching beauty just waiting to be explored. The island offers more of a laid-back lifestyle with plenty of mouthwatering cuisine, beautiful art and a great ambience for visitors to enjoy.

One of the most celebrated events in the area is the Savanna’s St. Patrick’s Day. A day with plenty of merrymaking, with many people painting their bodies green and enjoying green beers in the streets(the beer is legal to drink as long as it is consumed in a plastic cup). The island’s main attraction, the pristine sandy beaches and salty breezes are a must see and feel for visitors.The beautiful unspoiled beaches beckon visitors to indulge in some swimming or to just simply lounge around under the beautiful sun.

Tybee Island which is also known as Savannah Beach is located approximately 18 miles from the beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia. The island is home to plenty of natural beauty and has a rich history to unfold.  For a bit of fun, visitors can indulge in a bit of fishing in the glistening water, go sightseeing at the museum or includeto a bit of shopping from one of the unique shops and galleries on the island.

Things to do on Tybee Island:

Whether you are in a lazy mood or an adventurous mood, the island has plenty of attractions on offer to keep you occupied.

You can go swimming or relaxing at the beach and if that doesn’t appeal to you, then you can go sightseeing. You can check out the Tybee Museum with its beautiful collection of historic pieces or you can pay a visit to the Tybee Island Light Station and Museum, Georgia’s oldest and tallest lighthouse that was originally constructed in 1736. If you can venture to take the 178 step-climb of the lighthouse, then you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the entire island!

For an authentic coastal experience, visitors can check out the Marine Science Center for a fantastic look at the region’s marine natural resources. Other places of interest include Fort Screven, complete with beautiful views of the ocean,Fort Pulaski, for a splendid example of the 19th century military architecture and Little Tybee Island, for a wonderful view of the region’s beautiful wildlife inclusive of the endangered member of the stork family; theWood Stork.

Ultimately, no matter what brings you to the beautiful Tybee Island; it will be a beautiful memorable experience!

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