Explore the Beautiful Central Coast of California

Central Coast of California

From scenic beauty to the best of cuisines and wine, California's central coast offers it all when it comes to your vacation. Resembling European landmarksrather than the quintessential American ones, California’s central coast boasts of scenic hike trails, wonderful beaches and coast lines and exclusive wines. So the next time you are in the United States, why not visit the stunning central coast of California and bask in its beauty?

SLO Region

So if you are a fan of wine, why not visit the most populated winery in the whole world? It attracts about 1.2 million tourists all year round and has some 280 wineries located in the area. Not only grape wines, you can also get a large variety of other fruit wines from the wineries. You can spend a day strolling around the wineries and getting a taste or two from their collection. San Louis Obispo county is a must visit if you want to get the feel of the California coast.

The Gorgeous Beaches

A visit to the central coast of California will not be worthwhile without a visit to the beaches. There are so many beaches around that you would be confused at the end of the day if you tried to visit them all. Avila Beach and Pismo Beach are someof the more popular beaches where you can opt for a bath, tan or even for some adventurous activities.

Neverland Ranch

Famous for its owner, Michael Jackson;the Neverland ranch is a must visit when you go to the central Californian coast. The Neverland ranch is the testament to the great pop star and though you cannot enter the grounds, be sure to take a picture of the place as a memory.

Oceano Dunes Camping

If you are fond of camping and of desert dunes as well, then opt for some camping options in the Oceano Dunes. Located very near to Pismo Beach, it can be a fun trip. Whether you go camping with the family or all alone vying to see the night sky full of stars; this one camping experience will be worthwhile for sure.

Big Sur Road Trip

Are you a big fan of scenic road trips? Then you simply cannot miss the opportunity to go on a road trip in the scenic area of the Big Sur. There are thousands of miles to drive along the Pacific Highway and take in the beauty of the coastal region. There are also some hiking options available in the surrounding area if you want to do some hiking.

Santa Barbara

Filled with exquisite Spanish architecture, this area is for the artists and the lovers of art. You can go on romantic trails and be mesmerized by the artistic beauty of the area. There are also many art museums present here if you want to spend some of your cultural time viewing some of the great artefacts.

So go ahead and visit the Central Coast area of California and experience the vacation of a lifetime.

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