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Mar Del Plata

Visit the Biggest Argentinean Seaside Beach Resort

Situated on the Atlantic Ocean's coast, with about 400km distance from the south of Buenos Aires, Mar Del Plata is that Argentinean city that is quite popular for being one of the most important fishing ports. It has also been ranked as the biggest in terms of seaside beach resorts in the whole of Argentina.

Get natural Water Entertainment

Since you are in the leading fishing ports, it also becomes equally important to go for a date with fishes. Moreover, for nothing could be better than Mar Del Plata Aquarium. The place is really amazing with three entertaining shows that include dolphins, parrots and lobos. For providing you a better entertainment, the lobos show you their skilled break-dances. To make things unique the place offers a virtual aquarium also. The 3D sea theatre, aquariums for turtles, crocodiles and a typical penguin shelter make the place more delightful. You can also get a chance to watch the water skiing as four divers plunge and show their skills.

Get the perfect blend of classicism with modernity

To know about the classic tastes of the city's people you must visit Museo Municipal de Arte Juan C. Castagnino. It is basically a museum that embodies a grand classic architecture with its huge building. The architecture was actually inspired from Loire castles. It houses classic works of Argentinean artists that count for about 450 works. These works basically comprise of sculptures, paintings, photography, carvings and many more that help the building to be defined as the perfect example of the embodiment of true art.

Plaza Colon is yet another spot present in the city that will make you and your family fall in love with this place. It is one of the most wonderful spots that comprises of being unique because of its various angles. Unlike the other parks that are squarely built, Plaza Colon offers from its angular views unique and different views to the Hotel Provincial as well as Casino. Overlooking the beach, this place actually offers one of the most picturesque spots. Rambla Casino is yet another iconic place of the city. This seaside casino comprises of a splendid building that gives an impressive view with its perfect construction.

Along with these main attractions, Mar Del Plata is also blessed with many other places like El Paraiso Zoo, Plaza del Agua, Loma Santa Cecilia and many more. As you explore each of these places you have the golden opportunity to know more and live life to the fullest. In each aspect, Mar Del Plata is actually the perfect Argentinean city for your next vacations.

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