Explore The Least Visited Places In Tibet


The tourists from all over the world gather at manifold destinations in Tibet that accumulate the real time excitement. However, there exist certain places that do not gain the suitable recognition by the visitors. Hence, such places are familiar having the least importance in Tibet. Below, you can explore the five destinations that are the least visited places.

Get familiar with the Names of the Particular Places

Before, you start your journey for Tibet it is important to know the status of the places according to their significance. In Tibet, you can come across the places that acquire the least recognition as the tourist spots.

Selling-Tso Lake

The lake swathes an area of 72 Kms stretching the vast area from east to West. It includes the distance of 22.8Kms from South to North lying at an altitude of 4,530 meters. It appears as the natural residence for the wild animals that includes the snow leopards, Kiang, Chiru, Tibetiansnow-cock and other species that exist here.

Sweet Tea House

Here, you can experience the nice flavor of the sweet and butter tea served with the Tibetian noodles. Basically the tea houses are situated in Lhasa where both the locals and the visitors share a common table here taking a sip of the morning tea that gives a complete refreshing feel. The sweet ta, as called by the Tibetians is originally the coffee that comes out as the popular caffeinated drink in the Western countries.

Shugsheb Nunnery

The particular nunnery extends to a vast region of 65 Km and is situated on a wide basic accumulating the largest position. The place is famous especially for the trekkers and even for other persons who want to visit the off-beaten track. The place situated to the South of Lhasa stands at a distance of 45meters from the nunnery like village.

Mindrolling Monastery

The monastery was established in the year 1676 that even today stands erect on the Southern end of the YarlungTsangpo River. Since a long time ago the scholars and other experienced persons gather here to learn the Buddhist scriptures.

Nechung Monastery

The monastery situated within a few Kilometers from Drupeng accumulates the educated persons who teach using the meditation and the contemplation process. Established in 1973 the monastery continues the traditional system even today.

So, you can get a clear idea regarding the five destinations where very few visitors gather.

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