Explore the Historic Creations All Over Pakistan


Pakistan, located on the coasts of the Arabian Sea accumulates the forests, plateaus, hills and other geographical features. Situated on the arms of India the vast Karakoram extends to the entire North. On the North-West, it is bounded by Afghanistan and Iran on the West. The Northern portion represents Kashmir that represents the Azad Kashmir occupies the Central part of Asia. Approximately, it acquires an entire land area of 307,374 sq mi.

Apart from these, the place even becomes a suitable destination for the tourists worldwide. Here, you can explore the stunning creations that increase the architectural overview of the place.

Jinnah Mausoleum

Originally, it was the resting place for Muhammad Ali Jinna, the founder of Pakistan and is considered as the father of the nation. Constructed in 1960s the place holds the beautiful architecture with the sacred feeling. Inside you can even perceive an amazing museum that represents multiple artifacts such as the pens, guns, swords etc. giving you a clear picture of the historic eras.

Minar e Pakistan

Basically, it resembles the structure of the monument that is being built in 1968 and stands erect till today in Lahore. The tombstone signifies a combined architectural work representing the Mughal and the modern designs. Therefore, while in Pakistan you should visit the place to acknowledge how the two cultures unify here creating the eternal structure. Once, you start climbing up the elevator it will take you to a height of 62m where you will be able to ascertain a distinct view of the entire city.

Shah Jahan Mosque

As the name suggests it accumulates the signs of architecture during the Mughal era. Looking through the historic episodes the famous structure came out in 1647 AD according to the decision of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. Inside, you can ascertain total 33 arches and 93 domes signifying a miraculous innovation. Even it accretes the touches of the Turkish design on the floors represented through the nice mosaic floors and tiles. It is a must visit for those who like to acknowledge the original Mughal artwork.

Mohen Jo Daro

The word signifies a Sindhi phrase that carries the meaning as Mound of the Dead. It earns the recognition as one of the familiar heritage sites under the UNESCO considerations. The historic place is situated at a distance of 30 Km from Larkana, one of the cities in Pakistan. For the people who are eager to explore the famous historic sites this can be the perfect destination accumulating the signs of primitive civilization.

Lahore Fort

Familiar as “ShahiQilla” the fort carries the signs of creations representing the Mughal Emperor Akbar. Inside the fort SishMahal represents another finicky place where you can discover yourself belonging to the ancient eras. Attached to Badshahi Mosque, it comes out as another significant heritage by UNESCO and the entire milieu creates a unique historic feeling.

Manifold other places also exist around Pakistan that would grab your attention. However, these appear as the most wanted destination according to the tourists’ views.

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