Ethel M Chocolate Factory

Ethel M Chocolate Factory

Gourmet chocolate treats of the top notch quality standards are manufactured here in the Ethel M chocolate factory situated in the Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas is quite popular all over the world for its gambling business.

Tourists from all over the world flurry into the Las Vegas all throughout the year. Most of these tourists carry back home the Ethel M chocolate packages of variety kind to distribute it to their friends and relatives back home. Top class casinos of the world best rankings are situated in the gambling paradise, the Las Vegas.

The city has a lot of interesting attributes apart from the casinos, spas and resorts of the top class kind. One of the main in that list is Ethel chocolate factory. You could place your orders over the phone to the chocolate company. You could place your orders in the official site of the Ethel M Chocolate Factory. There are a few outlets to in different parts of Nevada. Still the popularity of the chocolates is quite worldwide and hence customers from all over the world do place their orders in bulk amounts in the online site and through phone calls too.

If you are a local person then surely you can pay a visit to the Ethel M Chocolate Factory. Even tourists love to spend some time in going for a tour to the Ethel M Chocolate Factory. Site tour of the preferential kind is allowed here. You could understand the details about their manufacturing processes of variety kind. You will come to know about how to place your custom orders for the special type of chocolates. You can understand better about how much different range of chocolates are being manufactured here and procedures adopted in their making.

Creamy, crunchy and the chewy assortments of chocolates that are manufactured in the Ethel M Chocolate Factory and sold for a range of prices in the form of bundles and packages. There are packages for even under 30$. You can see the product catalogue available in the official site of the manufacturers to place your orders accordingly. A neat photograph of the chocolates without wrappers are shown in the images and hence, you will know precisely on what you are ordering from the site.

Traditional collections are packed in hands and also arranged carefully by the expert technicians appointed specially for this purpose. It is all done to satisfy the sweet tooth of yours. There are no preservatives added in the making of these high quality chocolates. In that way, the best quality of chocolates with a good aroma and taste is ensured always.

Pecan brittle, chocolate bar, bundles and custom designed collections, are all specials, when it comes to Ethel M Chocolate Factory. Customer service personnel are available in the help desk all the time to attend to the calls and orders from the international customers. You can place your orders now. Convenient mode of payment transactions are facilitated in the site. You can come and buy from the outlets located in the Las Vegas too. Buying from the retail stores outside the United States of America cannot guarantee you on the original authenticity of the products. In order to avoid the duplicate products, you could place your orders directly in the site.

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