Ethel M Chocolate Factory las vegas


Las Vegas is not only home to some of the most luxurious hotels and resorts and lavish casinos, but it also known for its chocolates! Yes, that’s right! In Henderson, Nevada there is located a huge factory called The Ethel M Chocolate Factory which produces gourmet premium chocolate.

One really interesting thing about this ‘factory’ is that not only do they deal in producing chocolate, but their plant site also has a botanical garden! It is called the Ethel M Botanical Cactus Gardens, where you can easily see over 300 species of desert plants.

Part of the factory is made accessible to the public; they can visit it on their own and take self guided tours. Both the factory and the garden are open seven days a week. The visitors are allowed to tour the chocolate factory as well as the cactus garden. They can see how premium chocolate making is done. Not only this, but there are often certain events taking place at the cactus garden, throughout the year. Like the Cactus Lighting Event which takes place every November. So, if you visit this chocolate factory, you may also get to attend one of those interesting events.

One of their leading products is the fine liqueur-filled chocolates, which are immensely popular throughout Vegas. They have a few retail outlets located in and around Nevada, but most of their product distribution is done through phone, or you can even order online, by visiting their website ( .The factory is owned by Mars.Incorporated and the name of this company was kept after Forrest Mars.Sr’s mother.  He had learnt the art of chocolate making from his own mother, Ethel Mars. He set up the whole thing in 1978, after he had retired. Nevada was chosen to be the location for this project because it was only one of the few states that allowed the sale of liqueur- filled chocolates. Just within a few years of its opening, the company started to do really well.

Even today, the Ethel M Chocolate Factory lives up to its name. Their old chocolate making traditions are still followed which are partly the reason why their chocolate is so popular. They strive to provide their customers with the finest chocolate they know how to make. If you head over to their website, you can easily browse through the various kinds and types of chocolates they make, and likewise order. They have proper chocolate collections like the ‘Traditional Collections ‘’Signature Brittle’ etc. Not only this, but you can even get your own customized box of chocolates made, online! You have to select the size of the box, the kinds of chocolates you want to be in the box and pay for it. They will deliver your order to your doorstep!

The thing about chocolates is that they make excellent gifts for almost every occasion. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduation ceremonies etc. Be sure to pay this factory a visit if you ever happen to visit Vegas. v

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