Eslov–The City Where Love Springs Everyday!


Eslov is small city in Sweden with so many attractions and places to visit. The famous buildings, ancient architecture, rich cultural history and outstanding modern looks all make it a very special place to visit.

Some of the important things to see in Eslov are:

  1. The Procodio Food Buildings

Eslov has some of the earliest industrial buildings. The Procodio Food AB is worth visiting to see the architecture.

  1. The Famous Lagerhuest Building

Lagerhuest is the biggest wooden building in Sweden. This building has unique historical significance. It was actually built during the First World War to store cereals and later on got converted into an apartment complex. It is generally open for public.

  1. The New Catholic Church – Most Remarkable In Entire History

One of the distinguishing features of Swedish architecture is the New Catholic style church. It is a masterpiece built in Eslov. Eslov was the first introduce this architecture and design of church which later on became one of the most famous styles of construction in Europe. The church was built in 1890’s and even today it attracts thousands of visitors.

  1. Trollenäs Slott

It is a beautiful castle just outside of Eslov. It is a cool and calm place with no noise or pollution at all. You can Dine out or enjoy the natural landscape of this castle.

It is fun and

It is fun and affordable to be in this part of the world. The excitement is all yours once you step in there!

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