Eskilstuna–A Dream Land for Vacationers!


Eskilstuna is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It stands at the shore of River Eskilstunaan. The city is known for its glorious cultural history, historical sports clubs, magnificent architecture and amazing night life.

World Famous Sports Clubs

While in the city, you may visit some of the famous and historic sports clubs. Smederna Speedway, the world famous motorcycle racing sports club. The GUIF which is one of the finest handball clubs in the world.

  1. World Famous Sports Grounds

Thousands of tourists visit the Tunavallen stadium every year. It hosted the FIFA World Cup in 1958 and some of the famous matches between Paraguay and Yugoslavia.

  1. The Riverside

The night life at the riverside has a taste like nothing else. The sparkling colors at night will impress you. This would certainly be the best part of your visit to this city.

  1. The Famous Zoo

It has a wide range of stunning wildlife.

Of other attractions, it would be great to visit places like Sigurd Rock and Rademacher Forge. Travelling and boarding costs are generally reasonable which makes it a great trip!

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