EPCOT Center

EPCOT Center

Epcot is amongst 4 theme parks in Bay Lake, Walt Disney World, FL. Opened in 1982 October 1 it covered a span of 300 acres and is double Magic Kingdom park’s size. The park was dedicated to human achievement celebration in terms of technology and international culture. It is often called the "Permanent World's Fair." More than 10 million guests visit the park annually making it the 3rd most visited theme park in the US and the 6th in the world. The park is characterized with a geodesic sphere (spaceship earth) which attracts many visitors to the park.

The name is an acronym. In full it is, “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow,” that represents a utopian futuristic city Walt Disney planned. In Disney’s words, EPCOT takes cue from emerging ideas and technologies from America’s industry creative center. It’s a future community that will continuously introduce, test, and demonstrate new materials and systems. It stands as a constant reminder of ingenuity world and American free enterprise imagination.

EPCOT or the future world as many refer to it, has various pavilions which explore multiple innovative elements and applications in science and technology. The spaceship acts as the Park’s entrance and is an iconic landmark. Inside the spaceship is a themed attraction. Initially, each of the future world’s pavilions presented a circular logo with a featured on park signage alongside the attractions. Logos inclusive of the one for EPCOT, have over the years been phased out although the remnants can be found scattered throughout the park. On the contrary, these pavilions are nowadays identified using names and the attractions they host within.

The original indecision in planning of the park played out to the park’s advantage. Initially, some engineers wanted the park to be representative of modern technology while others insisted on having the park showcase international cultures/customs. In some instance, there was a push for the development of a futuristic park in contrast to a model that brings together globally themed international fair. The two opposing ideas were ultimately combined.

Alcohol at the park

Unlike some leading parks like the Magic Kingdom which only started serving alcohol after 2012 and still with limitations, EPCOT park offers alcoholic beverages readily ranging from specialty drinks, wines, craft beers, as well as spirits. The alcoholic beverages sold reflect the diverse countries represented at the park. Further, the park hosts what is known as the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival annually. The event features drink and food samples from across the world. Additionally, the festival is accompanied with special forms of entertainment and special exhibits.

Annual events of interest offered at the park

Annual events

EPCOT Park has a number of interesting events annually, most of which are exciting and have lots of lessons to offer. These include the following:

  • International Garden and Flower festival which dates back to 1993. The festival uses special themed floral displays across the entire park. These include the topiary sculptures representing the Disney characters. In the festival, guests are able to meet professionals and learn new ideas for their own gardens.

  • Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival, is another outstanding event and it draws both amateur and professional gourmets in sampling of delicacies from across the world.

  • Holidays around the World are another outstanding of EPCOT's annual celebrations. This global showcase pavilions feature story-tellers who describe their respective nation's holiday traditions, as well as three nightly performances of what is known as the "Candlelight Processional." The event presents a mass choir as well as a celebrity guest who narrates the Christmas story.

  • At the Eve of New year, the park has a range of extra entertainment which includes live DJ dances across the park as well as the special New Year’s Eve Illuminations: Reflections of Earth’s countdown edition.

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