Enjoying Your Holiday in London

Victoria Museum

London is a large metropolitan city with a wide range of wildlife. An exotic oasis containing appealing gardens is also found in the great city of London. One of the fascinating family attractions is the London zoo that has animals such as gorillas among others.

London has many tourist attractions of which most of them are free. This makes it more affordable to many people visiting or living in London. Bookings are also made earlier by tourists who have interests in visiting some of this amazing attraction sites. Some of this tourist attraction centers include the natural history museum, national gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum, science museum, London eye, Tate modern and also a great British Museum. The city also has beautiful towers like the Tower of London. Royal Museum Greenwich is also one of the greatest museums in the city of London.

The British Museum is one of the famous museums exhibiting a lot of man’s work since the prehistoric times to modern times all over the world. One requires a ticket for special exhibitions, but entry is usually free. The museum has features as the Parthenon sculptures, Rosetta stone and the mummies. All this amongst others gives you a reason to enjoy your tour in British Museum.

Tate Modern is situated on the banks of Thames in London. It is one of the national museums that exhibit contemporary and modern arts. Tate modern wasa power station previously hence its unique shape which is also a center of attraction. One also requires a ticket for special exhibits, but entry is free hence more affordable. The views across the city are tremendous due to the presence of galleries in the restaurant.

The world’s largest maritime museum, the Royal Museums Greenwich, has several historic features namely cuttysark, Queen’s house amongst others where entry is free but for some you must pay some fee for entry. The beautiful sites of the Royal Museums Greenwich have a great satisfaction to the visitor.

The National Gallery is located in the city of London exhibiting the Western European paintings from the 13th century to 19th century. It is one of the major tourist attractions with iconic art gallery of works of people like Botticelli, Renoir, and Constable. The works of masters like Da Vinciand Stubbs are also exhibited in this famous National Gallery. Tickets are required for special exhibitions, but entry is free.

The Tower of London is another center of attraction in London. It is one of the world’s most famous buildings. It is well known for its history as a royal palace, jewel house, zoo and place of execution for many years. It has a White Tower where one can enjoy the view around the region. One can also have a look at the crown jewels at the medievalking’s chamber. There are several tour guides that can take you around the Tower of London for leisure. Its location in the city gives one the best view of several essential features found in London.

The Natural History Museum has a collection of the biggest and tallest animals in the world. This is where you can find a forty million year old spider and life-sized blue whale. A beautiful Central Hall is also found in the Natural History Museum. Special exhibitions require a ticket but entry is usually free. A visit to the Natural History Museum is always a memorable one.

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