Edinburg: Contemporary Beauty and Birding Paradise


It is a unique and engaging place to live which has also resulted in people with diverse cultures settling here. It has a young and vibrant population with ever increasing levels of education and income. More than 81,000 people have found their homes in this dynamic area.

Very strategically located on the US-Mexico border, Edinburg is quickly becoming a global centre for diverse activities, and is currently one of the most favourite investment hotspots. There are a lot of attractions for people who are planning to visit Edinburg.

Museum of South Texas History

This museum should make it to your priority list while in Edinburg. The main attractions of this magnificent museum are related to the rich history and culture of the Rio Grande valley, northern Mexico and South Texas. It tells a beautiful story about the region, its animals and wonderful people. One other main attraction is the Old Hidalgo county jail. In 2003, the Museum expanded to include permanent exhibit display on Rio Grande Legacy. It is displayed with multilingual text and takes the visitors on an incredible journey to the past.

Edinburg Scenic Wetlands for Birding and wildlife

It is time to take out your cameras and capture some of the most captivating wildlife and bird species. This is one of the best birding destinations in the world. Edinburg Scenic Wetlands is a gem of Edinburg Municipal Park that offers some incredible walking trails to enjoy world-class birding. Apart from that you will see several other animals like thrush, rabbits, turtles, waders, water fowl and more.

Hotels in Edinburg

Edinburg is the hub of some of the most cherished hotels. The Echo is pretty much popular with the tourists. When you step inside, it is like going back in time. This magnificent hotel was built in 1950 and since then has managed to retain its charisma and energy. You are going to have an amazing golfing experience if you decided to enjoy a stay here. World-class Ebony Hills Golf course is situated right at the border of the hotel and you can spot many guest having some incredible time on the Golf course. The retro style rooms and immaculate cleanliness is what makes your stay really comfortable.

Salt of the king

About 22 miles north of Edinburg city, sits El Sal del Ray encompassing three salt lakes with an estimated 4 million tons of salt. Native Americans exploited this region as a source of salt. It is really one of the most beautiful hidden jewels of Edinburg with some stunning view on offer.

Los Lagos Golf Club

Inaugurated in 2001, this golf course was one of the major landmarks of the city and a must visit. You can enjoy this only one of a kind, ”Links” style golf course in the Rio Grande Valley. The 18 challenging holes and the captivating terrain will surely test your golfing skills. The staff is exceptional and offers perfect service with full bar and Grill experience. If you are a true golfer, then Rio Grande Valleys Golf course is not to be missed.

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