An Edifying and Interesting Tour to the Independence Hall, Philadelphia

Independence Hall

Having advanced information is important before visiting the Independence Hall in Philadelphia if you are new to the place. Plan to visit the Hall but ensure the following information is considered to guide you appropriately.

You cannot be allowed access to the Hall unless you have a valid ticket. To avoid frustrations at the eleventh hour, make plans to secure a ticket for you and your family or friends well on time. There are three classes of tickets to the Independence Hall which you will have to know about. One, there are the walk-up tickets for individuals or small groups of people including families. For every individual, it is only allowed a maximum of ten tickets if it’s a group and it will include infants. Only one person is allowed to pick all the tickets and not every person for him or herself.

The second class is walk-up tickets for organized tours which like school groups. If it’s a school the management of the hall offers not more than 80 tickets for a single school, but a confirmation letter from the school’s management is compulsory before picking up the tickets. Lastly, you can get advanced tickets for both individual and groups through making reservations. The maximum period allowed for tickets to be reserved is one year, which can be done through calling their toll free number. There is a fee of $1.5 that is charged for every ticket that is reserved.

The Independence Hall in Philadelphia is open every day the year long, but operation hours will vary. For example, weekdays opening hours are longer as compared to weekends and public holidays, but you anyway will gain access from Monday to Sunday. Accessing the Hall will be a very easy task since it is located at a strategic position within Washington City. Always make sure you are well aware of this information before embarking on a tour of Independence Hall to avoid any unforeseen hiccups.

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