Easter Island: Unexplored Natural Treasure


Easter Island: Unexplored Natural Treasure

Of the many beautiful countries in the world there are a few who are still somewhat unknown but possess hidden beauty in them. One such country is the country of Chile in South America. The country is epitome of natural beauty bounded between the Pacific Ocean and Andes Mountain stretching all through the region of western South America. So one side you have gushing sea waves and on the other you got snow-covered mountain. Chile has many important and beautiful places to visit and one of the most famous one is Easter Island.

Easter Island is a very beautiful and astonishing Polynesian in southeastern Pacific Ocean at the southeastern most point of the Polynesian island. The island is very ancient with record of 1st Polynesian settlement dating back to some 1st millennium AD and created an extraordinary thriving culture that could still be witnessed on the island. However,number of things has lead to the demise of the Rapa Nui civilization like Polynesian rat, over population, deforestation and extinction of natural resources.

Easter Island has some of the most beautiful places you could ever see. One of the most famous among them is a Moai that is 887 exact monumental statue created by ancient Rapa Nui People. In 1995, it was named world heritage site by UNESCO protected under Rapa Nui National park. Another famous place is Ahu Tongariki has 15 of the island Moai statue lined up in a perfect military formation.

And for the true natural beauty you can hike on to RanoKau, which is a volcano. The hike is almost 400 meters and the view is just amazing. The hike will test your fitness skills but the effort is completely worth it. It offers panoramic views of the island's solitude in the South Pacific. It has a carter lake, which is amazing and very beautiful. You will stop every once in a while to admire the stunning beauty of the landscape.

And there is Anakena beach, which is absolutely stunning with nice sun and fresh air. You will feel relaxed with the music of the waves striking your ears and calming your soul. These are just few places there are many other like AhuAkivi, AhuTahai, and Oromo to name a few. The place is amazing and a must visit for any one’s list.

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