Dubai-The City of Gold

Dubai Museum

The name Dubai brings to the mind the fabled Arabian nights, bedazzling opulence, huge malls, sky scrapers (typically the Burj Al Arab), and the ubiquitous gold.

Dubai has a lot more to offer its visitors:

Dubai Museum:  It is the oldest existing building in Dubai, has the “Old World” charm t. Once you get to see the fort and the ancient tombs, the huge malls would appear to be common place. For the record, it received more than a million visitors in 2013.

Dolphin Bay: You just don’t want to miss this one. Imagine swimming under the water, next to the dolphins. Pick and choose your package according to your age. It is great for the kids.

iFly Dubai: Get a flight of a lifetime. It is a skydiving simulation center. You will experience skydiving without the risk of a thousand feet here. Virtually anyone can fly (with a few exceptions). Get your flight recorded to take back as a souvenir.

Gurunanak Darbar Sikh Temple: It is one of the most famous buildings in Dubai that is dedicated to Sikhism. An awe-inspiring mix of Dubai’s grandiosity and Sikhism’s spirit of simplicity. Don’t miss the soul satisfying food, which is provided free of cost to all visitors from all religions. Sikhism has a big heart, so does Dubai.

Critical: Dubai is a very modern city but it also governed by Sharia laws.

Alcohol is served at limited places, stick to them and never drink in public.

Avoid eating in public during the fasting month.

Public display of affection and immodest dressing can get you into real trouble.

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