Sports are an essential daily activity for those who like to keep fit and healthy. They keep you active and fresh. Not only technology has evolved with the years but the number of sports has also increased. Nowadays many movies and films are being shot on sports and they are encouraged by the audience.

The Film

“Valhala” a Sweet grass productions film has generated a brand new and innovative way of skiing which has never been done before. This film gives a concept of skiing on the forest floor rather than snow. The teaser of the film has created anxiousness amongst the audience because those who love skiing are wondering if this change is even possible. This creative idea as created a sense of anticipation among professional as well as seasonal skiing lovers.

Skiing is a recreation sport linked with snow. People go for skiing to enjoy and have fun but the change of venue makes it more threatening and challenging. This change is positive as well as negative. It can attract more people towards it but at the same time it may cause people to get away from it.

Technically speaking that either skiing can be carried on a forestry area or not the answer is no. Many reasons are for this as it becomes more dangerous and life threatening too. In this film we have two very brilliant skiers’ Zack Giffin and Eliel hinder. It was filmed at Mt-baker Snoqualmie national forest that is next to Washington States north cascades range.

The best environment for skiing is when the winters are the peak. In January and February when the mountains are heavily coated with snow and the mountains have higher elevation. This is the perfect situation for skiing. But as the temperature increases in June and July the snow starts to melt and the mountains become slippery and glossy which is not a good condition for skiing. As the tracks are sleek, it becomes very difficult for the skiers to have a grip.

According to an area local Giffin, “the slides used in the film are the one that appear in spring when all the snow is vanished from the mountains and these slides are not preferred for skiing”.

Joe Herzig north cascades national park reserves public information speaker shared a very unfamiliar thing. He said, “In the lower regions of the country downhill skiing is seen very rarely. People don’t often go for cross country skiing as the concept is a new one”.

As this concept has not prevailed among the people of the country this is the reason that sweet grass wanted this concept to succeed among the locals.  The film is picturised very beautifully. It reveals the secret of nature. Mount Baker forest is shown very grassy and lush as it is filmed in summers. The glacier shown in the film is brought manually and all the scenes were shot before the glacier melted.

One of the most stunning stunt performed in the film was a jump across a 30ft waterfall at 2:28 is completely real and edit free.

The concept shown in this film is very unique, different and exclusive but its practical implementation seems to be quite a tough job.

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