Dole Plantation known as Pineapple Express

Dole Plantation

The tropical and sweet Pineapple flickers in mind when you think of Hawaii. In central Oahu, near Waikele is located the beautiful world of Pineapple lovers - Dole Plantation. This wonderful “Pineapple Experience” was started in the 1950s and was made open to public to explore and enjoy in 1989.Over one million tourists from different destinations of the world land in Oahu every year to view this splendid sight. It is a recommended place if you are planning to have a vacation in Hawaii that fills with fun and joy.  For children, this spot is a complete fix to their curiosity and adventure.

To let them extract fun from every single moment, it is equipped with fantasies and recreational activities all through, especially the train trip. They love capturing their liveliest moments of life with their favourite Pineapples. Moreover, the visitors are educated about everything related to pineapples i.e. from its history, cutting, the pineapples’ king “James Drummond Dole”, the sugar industry, etc.

To reach this lovely place from the airport, it will hardly take half an hour drive. However, when you plan to come here, make sure you are not exhausted before the trip and that you are in a fresh mode to fully enjoy the excitement of the place. Dole Plantation attracts the tourists in many ways. It enjoys the pride of having the world's largest maze which spreads over an area of 3 acres and heights about 8 feet. It is beautifully decorated with 14000 + Hawaiian plants which are of deep interest to the visitors.

Being here, you can be a part of many amazing things. Enjoy the Pineapple Plantation tour either on your own or with the help of a guide. There are different tour packages being offered at affordable rates. Experience the plantation life at North Shore and explore the grandeur of Hawaii's state flower Hibiscus, Lei, Bromeliads, Ti Leaf along with Native Species such as Koa and Ohi'a Lehua.

In fact, your visit to Dole Plantation is nothing but a real excitement. Butdon’t forget to have a tour around the garden via “Pineapple Express”. In a short 20 minute train tour, you are going to gain a great deal of knowledge about this beautiful pineapple empire, the man behind this brilliant idea James Drummond Dole, Hawaii's love and care for pineapple and much more. This little journey starts with excitement and ends with inspirational statements like: "Wow! What a wonderful way to express love to a fruit and to pass it on to centuries to come."

Feeling hungry and want to munch something really rich and yummy at the end of your exciting trip! Then make your way towards Dole Plantation’s food point. Not only it offers delicious pineapple desserts to rejoice your taste buds but also provides a heavenly pleasure while you take a bite of “Plantation Grille” special cuisines.Top of the order goes your favourite Dole Whip - awesome pineapples treat to sooth your senses in the sunny afternoons.To celebrate your special events and parties, Plantation Grille also offers catering services.

So what you are waiting for; pack your bag and land to Oahu for a great Pineapple Experience this vacation!

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