From its vast aggregates of antiquities and archaisms to the buzz contemporary-art-meets-performing-arts zone, Rome’s various district are a catalogue in stone of two millennia of dynamic city life.

Rome is the capital of Italy, also referred to as ‘The Eternal City’ and is perhaps one of the oldest continuously occupied cities in Europe. The Roman culture depicts their great interest in entertainment and performing arts. It is an important center for music too and possesses an intense musical scene including various renowned music conservatories and theatres, for instance ‘Parco Della Musica’ .

Undoubtedly, Rome attracts innumerable tourists due to the incalculable immensity of its historical treasures, its unique culture and traditions, the exotic food and more. Known for its scrumptious dishes like Crostata with ricotta, Parmesan chicken, Maritozzietc, Rome is specially swamped with Gelato – the finest Italian ice cream.

An under-rated gem ‘Ostia Antica’ is a tourist favorite spot, containing extraordinarily well-preserved remains of Rome’s ancient port.

Another vibrant destination ‘Palatine Hills’ add on to the history of Rome while being an amazing sightseeing place for the visitors. The House of Augustus and Roman emperor, the Domus Augustana have known to be excavated from these hills.

Reflections of the magnificent Roman Empire can be admired by a stunning piece of their ancient architecture called ‘The Coliseum’. It used to be one of the most well knownamphitheaters of the city until the end of the Roman Empire, a place where gladiators, lions and those accused of crimes were put to test, often fighting to the death. The place also houses a museum treasuring a wealth of interesting artifacts description of which is available in various languages.

An extremely gorgeous, romantic spot is the ‘Appian Way’ though carrying with it a history, which is downright bloody. It is a 2300-year-old road regarded as a super-highway and an eye-candy for the day-tripper. Notable historical events are linked with this road including the Crucifixion of Spartacus’ army and World-War II battle of Anzio.

Voyage to Rome could be an experience of a lifetime. The city acquires amalgamated episodes of ancient and modern heritage. Perfect to fascinate the tourists with all the adventure, amazing sights, rich historical background and great food, Rome is a city serving you all the flavors in one plate. It is a best place to visit and travel in the world. You can have immense enjoyment there.

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