Discover Germany: Welcome to Berlin

Discover Germany: Welcome to Berlin

There has been great history of men, men who have made difference, men who have fought and opened the door to modernity. These history lessons are embedded in certain cities around the world. One of such cities is Berlin, a very beautiful stylish and elegant city to visit.

Berlin is the capital of Germany and one of the 16 states Germany consists of. Berlin is a big great city; it is the 2nd most populous city and the 7th most populous urban area in the European Union. Berlin is a beautiful country not only because of elegant buildings, but also because of history and culture. Besides, it is the hub of development of industries whether that is IT or Biotech or medicine.

When you go to Germany you will never find yourself short of places to visit. But there are some you should never miss because those are the places which will give you an essence to Berlin. Those places are: -


A very old building that was in slumbers on the Mauerstreifen for many long years before it was decided to move government to Berlin. It was then that the building was redone, reawaken. Now you can see through the glass dorm and get an eye-bird view of the crowded yet beautiful Berlin.

Fernsehturm (Berlin Television Tower)

Fernsehturm as local generally refer to the Berlin television tower is a place to visit. It is 368 meters and could be easily recognized in Berlin skyline. Built in the 1960s, visitors to the tower can enjoy a unique 360° panorama of the city.


It is one of the most stunning places in Berlin located in central Mitte district. Some of the best architectures of this city are found here namely the Concert House which is designed by Schinkel, in addition to the German and French Cathedrals.

Berlin Philharmonic

Getting a ticket here is not a child’s play because of its immense popularity, and if you were lucky enough to get tickets then it would be an unforgettable experience. With amazing acoustics and a unique design to the building to give an amplified sound, it is no doubt one of the best attractions to visit in the area.

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