Diamond Head–Best Volcanic Crater

Diamond Head

Do you know about Diamond Head? It is the most famous and popular volcanic crater which is positioned on the south east coast of the Pacific Ocean. The popularity of this place stems from a couple of factors and reasons like tourism activity and long tunnels. In the past it was known as Laeahi before the new name was given by the British captain when he saw this crater first time at a great distance. This crater has been vanished for several hundred years.

The British army has used this crater as a defense fort. A long canon battery was used within this crater to avoid invading enemies and forces.
An observation deck and underground complex is at the moment present at this crater for best target sighting. A long and wide tunnel was also built through the crater wall to make the access easier to the fort.

The underground complex and observation deck is now discarded due to invention of the latest security equipment radar. However the evidences of command post are still available. Recently, the whole trail is paved. When you visit Diamond Head, you will also find 225 foot long tunnel and 2 steps of stairs. The First set of stairs consists of 99 steps while the second set consists of 76 steps.

The  Diamond Head is  serving as a tourism site and place. It attracts thousands of visitors and tourists. It consists of hundreds beaches and resorts. Hence it has become a popular tourist destination in the world. Hundreds of hotels and restaurants are also available to serve the tourists.

Diamond Head has become a symbol of worldwide recognition. It is reported that last year, this place received thousands of visitors from all over the world. Diamond Head is a combination of vents, cones and their associated flows. The presence of series of volcanic eruptions makes this place perfect. This landmark has become one of the most famous tourist places because of its millions years old. This place was inactive for several thousand years. The eruption that makes this place beautiful and amazing lasts only for few days; the sea level gets higher and erupts over the coral reef. Now this place receives a great importance and significance. This place has become most popular and famous.

If you have decided to visit this beautiful place, you should prepare your plan in advance. As thousands of tourists visit this place in a year, hence it is not easy to find a suitable accommodation. It is recommended to visit this place after having complete information about residence. It is also possible to book your accommodation in advance to have peace of mind.

The presence of several beaches at Diamond Head has made this place beautiful. This resort and sea is a great source of attraction of visitors, and now tourism industry is growing fast in the whole world. It is mainly due to best travel and accommodation services. Prior to your visit to Diamond Head, you should have information about history of this place.

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