Detroit–Reclaiming its Former Glory


Detroit is the most populous and largest city in the state of Michigan. It lies on the United States-Canada border. A French explorer Antoine Laumet de La Mothe,along with a party of settlers,founded Detroit on July 24, 1701.

Its Metro Detroit area is a primary hub for its business, culture and transport. It is an area of 5.2 million people. Its auto industry was a very important element of the American “Arsenal of Democracy” and was well known as the world’s long-established automotive center before it went bankrupt.

Detroit is a major metropolis in the US. In terms of travel Detroit has many distinct locations that offer sightseeing, restaurants and other occurring events. Detroit is a thrilling destination for travelers, which is filled with technological features and historic charm, from the advent of automobile to modern techno and rock music.

Detroit has many attractive destinations for tourists. Some of its most beautiful and mostly visited areas include:

  1. Campus Martius Park is located in the heart of the city. It is the most active pedestrian area of the city which offers different events like concerts, movies and other family programs. Ice skating also takes place in the winter where the center block of the park is filled and covered with ice for the public to enjoy both the weather and sports at the same time.

  2. Belle Isle Park, a beautiful green park, located in the middle of Detroit River. It is a picnic park which covers 3 miles of picnic areas, water slides, a golf course and even a beach. It has a fountain called the Scott Fountain which is more beautiful than Chicago’s famous Buckingham fountain. It is one of the best areas of the city for relaxing and sightseeing.

  3. Another popular visiting area in the city is the Henry Ford Museum. The museum is one of the best and has been displaying memorabilia of leading car manufacturing companies since 1946. It is not just the cars that the museum offers but also its trains, planes, even its jewelry, furniture, and silver that the Dymaxion House provides.Most tourists are really surprised to see all of the splendid history of the Henry Ford Museum. Sometimes tourists are also allowed to take a drive in the historic cars which were the most popular of their time.

Tourism in Detroit is a major factor for its culture and economy. About 15.9 million people visit the city, spending an estimate of $4.8 billion on tourism. Its leading multi-day events throughout the city that formerly attracted only thousands of tourists but today attracts over three million has helped the city to recover the glory it lost many years ago.

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