Destinations Where Nature with God’s Amazing Creatures Combines

Manu National Park

Birds form the assets of nature. Whenever you think about the natural creatures, it comes to your mind the birds tweeting on the branches of the trees. To catch a glimpse of the chirping birds people travel to different places, from where they can catch a clear sight of the beautiful natural birds. With over 10,000 species of birds all over the world, here is a brief look at the places where you can get amazing bird sight.

Manu National Park

It emerges as one of the places holding a special natural beauty. Manu National Park is a popular tourist destination for bird lovers. The birds you can see possess a bright color with an amazing look that seriously make them the finest creation of God. The Manu National Park encompasses a total geological area of 15,000 square kilometers that swathes an immaculate forest that comes out as the eternal habitat of the natural creatures. At the Manu National Park, you could explore more than 1,000 atypical species that makes the park a prominent place to watch the unusual species. Here the birds tumble down from the tundra-like habitation that attains a height of 4,000 meters to the Amazonian rain forest stretching up to a height of 150 meters from the sea level.

Cape May Bird Watching Site

At the extreme Southern end of the thickly populated United States, you can discover this outstanding bird watching site. The Cape May bird watching site stands in the midway of the immigration flyway, and that’s why you find here such awesome gatherings of Hawks, shorebirds, Seabirds and other stunning migratory birds singing across the Cape May every autumn. Therefore, if you want to have a thriving look at the migratory birds Cape May can be the best location.

Kruger National Park

Another prominent name among the bird watching sites is the Kruger National Park. With about 20,000 square kilometers the park serves as the natural habitat for more than 500 genuses of birds. If you are looking to grasp an easy view of the unusual birds, the Kruger National Park can be the ultimate destination that comprises of various uncommon species of birds. Glossy starlings, Southern Ground-Hornbill, and Martial Eagle are the stunning creatures that form the outstanding species at the Kruger National Park.

South of Spain

Coto Doñana National Park at the southern part of Spain embraces some of the rarest bird species in Europe. The tourists visit the Coto Doñana National Park in the Southern Spain wharf to enjoy the beautiful sight of the rarest birds in the world. The species of birds that the tourists discern here include Superior Flamingos, Harriers, ducks, and other marine birds.

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