Desert in Southern California

Dead Man’s Point

Southern California is endowed with a wonderful natural landscape consisting of deserts which though many may not see any value in, has proved to be a great tourist attraction for decades. The world famous Mojave Desert is one of them, and it is situated on the south eastern flank of the state including parts of central California. To the south, it neighbors the Colorado Desert in a region generally known for its vast and expansive terrain.

This region consists of low and high deserts and where the Mojave and Colorado deserts meet, there is a relatively unknown point referred to as the High Desert. It is not as vast as the others and does not have any official name, thus, the name Higher Desert in order to mark it out among the other low -lying areas. This is a desolate area and is found in a location between the mountain ranges of Tehachapi and San Gabriel.

Among the attractions found in the Higher Desert are the Dead Man’s Point; the Victor Valley that houses the Calico Ghost Town, once a place famed for silver and now designated as a historical landmark by the California Government as well as the Antelope Valley that is rich in the California Poppy and many other flower plantations.

The Dead Man’s Point is the most notable of the attractions. It is loaded with culture and one will always ask why such a name has been used to describe the place.  Rich in rock formations, it has a distinct appearance that is easily noticeable within the open plains of the environment. These rocks are situated in the Apple Valley that resides in the state of California right at the intersection of Route 18 and Bear Valley Road.

The area has proved to be so popular that movies made in Hollywood have used this location as a setting for their blockbuster sci-fi movies. Of course, this is supplemented with the special effects that make for a more enthralling film, but the background could not be omitted in featuring such successful movies, thus giving the location a rich heritage while making it a must see location for tourists and visitors to southern California.

Other than the Hollywood connection, the Dead Man’s Point has a tragic history that has been documented over the years to shed light on why it was given such a name. As a vital trade route in days gone by, it came into prominence for a variety of reasons including the massacre of Catholic missionaries by a tribe of Indians who rejected their faith. Interestingly enough though, Indian tribesmen were killed thereafter in what has been described by some as a revenge attack.

With all the richness in heritage and culture, it is difficult to ignore a location like this once you are in the area. It is a place worth visiting and there all the necessary tourist facilities that you may require if you decide to.

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