A day Spent Well- All You Need to Know About Barcelona

Antoni Gaudi

Undoubtedly one of most intriguing places of Europe,Barcelona is second largest city of Spain and is known for its rich cultural heritage starting from the dazzling works of Antoni Gaudi till the narrow yet beautiful alleys of the Barri Gòtic. Standing relaxed on the shores of Mediterranean and kissed by the sun, the city will amaze you with its beautiful churches and the beach side nightclubs.

What to look forward to?

The city is famous for its exquisite food and wine. One cannot simply resist the local cuisines which are a blend of world-class chefs, ingenious cooking and ingredients fresh from farm and ocean. Don’t forget to order TAPAS, small appetizers which are served with beer and will definitely make your mouth water for more.

Enjoy the bustling activity in this city by visiting the masterpieces of Antoni Gaudi. Some of his dazzling works include ParcGüell, Casa Batlló and La SagradaFamilia.

The Picasso Museum is another epitome of Barcelona’s rich heritage and a must visit for art lovers.

Get ready to shop for everyone back home. This city is a shopper’s heaven and will present you with hidden treasures of antiques, local crafts, designer dresses, retro furnishings, fresh farmhouse cheese and delicious artistic chocolates.

L’Eixample and the streets near the iconic Passeig de Gràcia are the best places to visit for a fashion spree. Whether you prefer Spanish designers or respected Catalan designers, you can get it all here.

Barcelona’s old city comprising of the BarriGòtic, La Ribera and El Raval are a must visit where the true rich cultural heritage and tradition can be found in the narrow twisting streets.

Practical things to keep in mind

Just so you do not miss out on fun stuff, avoid visiting in August as most of the locals are enjoying a holiday and most of the shops are closed.

The official language of the city is Spanish and Catalan. If the tourists try to speak Catalan or Spanish, It is highly appreciated by the locals. Some of the common phases are hello (hola) and thank you (gràcies)

Another fact is that the Spanish people like to take a break after midday meal up to 2:00pm. It is advisable to go back to one’s hotel and take a snooze so that you can enjoy an exciting night.

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