The Most Dangerous Places for Hiking

Cascade Saddle

Hiking is considered a joke by bikers and runners because it does not offer enough thrill. They could not be more wrong because if they have ever looked at the most dangerous hikes in the world they would have changed their opinion about it.

If you want thrill then you will get that at these places, if you seek quietness then also you will find it at these hiking places. Some hikes are not only dangerous but also scary.

It is better to take a professional with you. But if you are an experienced hiker and tired of going to the same places again and again then you need to check out the following because they would change your life, providing you with an incredibly thrill experience.

1) Huayyna Picchu, Peru

The Hike of Death; I'm sure it would not be called that if it had been an easy climb. The trail climbs up and has stairs but with rotting moss, loose stones and slippery floor spread all around so that one wrong step could result in your elimination, I’m not trying to sound dramatic but this is the mere truth. Steel cables are there for the use of hikers for climbing down because that is the part which is scary.

2) Mount Hua Shan, China

It is known as the most dangerous hike in the world and sure for a reason. It has planks for walking and steel cables, and at some point chains for hiking. The planks were installed by monks so that they are rough, treacherous and easy to fall off from. This is a place that would paralyze as a result of fear.

3) Drakensberg Traverse, South Africa

It is a hike that would put all others behind in terms of beauty and at the same time bloody history. Every year people die in the hands of this one.

4) Cascade Saddle, New Zealand

Ever seen Lord of the Rings, with all the beautiful green scenarios? Well, you can get that here; but you might not want to go because of the number of people who died there despite the views.

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