Cumberland Island and Its Bewitching Beauty

Cumberland Island

Cumberland Island is the largest and southernmost island in a chain of barrier islands that stretch the length of Georgia. It is one of the least developed barrier islands along the Georgia coast with plenty of bewitching beauty for its visitors. There are miles upon miles of unspoiled beaches and thousands of acres of land that are protected to preserve their beauty.

As much as the island is a place of fascinating beauty, it also boasts of a rather rich history. The island was once a working plantation before being turned into a place of retreat for the wealthy Carnegie family. Today, the island is home to descendants of aristocrats and slaves. There is plenty of history to the island, spanning intriguing tales of wealth, poverty, sacrifice and privilege.

A hike through the island will leave visitors mesmerized by its sheer beauty. Gorgeous horses can be seen roaming on the island, but be careful because they are wild! As such, admire their beauty from a safe distance! Be sure not to try to pet, feed or get to close to them because you will spook them and probably get hurt in the process. Aside from the wild horses, you may also notice loggerhead turtles that call the shores home.

Be sure to explore the Dungarees Ruins while on the island; a favorite place for the wild horses. The ruins showcase the remains of Lucy Carnegie’s island mansion. The island which was once settled by English and Spanish explorers once had seven Native American villages thriving in its fold.

You will need to do a lot of walking if you are to thoroughly enjoy the island, but it is all well worth it, with the bewitching beauty that will unfold right before your eyes!The island is any nature lover’s dream and has plenty of nature to offer. There are forests, marshes and beaches to be explored in addition to the ruins that are in the area. There are raccoons, rabbits, hogs, deer, armadillos, horses and turkeys within the luscious forest on the island. Birds can be seen soaring through the sky while crabs, fish and ducks can be found on the island’s marshes.

In essence, the Island is a must visit for nature lovers looking to get lost in the beauty that is Mother Nature. With its approximate measurement of 17.5 miles long and 3 miles wide, the island makes for the largest wilderness island in America.

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