Cumberland Island - An Untouched Wonderland

Cumberland Island

Cumberland Island is Georgia's biggest island and is a standout among the most tremendous common natural surroundings in the northern areas of the state. The best and most enduring quality of Cumberland Island is its ability to change people. It is in a position of change. It is this immaterial highlight that is by all accounts the most essential advantage which Cumberland Island has for its visitors. This profound quality is the thing that, after quite a long time, its guests, inhabitants, and Park Service workers appear to accept is its most imperative commitment to our kind.

With a limit of almost 300 guests every day and just 1 little hotel, Cumberland Island keeps up its esteem for being one of America's most immaculate shoreline locales. The island's 17 miles of windswept white shorelines and sand ridges stay unadulterated and untouched aside from the wild horses and loggerhead turtles that call these shores home.

Guests to the shorelines won't discover water sports or entertainment venues, yet rather, can appreciate the calm marvels of nature. Visitors that want to investigate more than the sandy shores can enjoy a walk through the island's wild habitat. The island's swamps and estuaries are full with fish, ducks and crabs, and its sky is filled with flying animals like egrets and wood storks.


The most charming part about Cumberland Island is its history. A working estate, followed by a winter retreat for the affluent Carnegie family; Cumberland Island is presently home to the relatives of slaves and blue-bloods, and also roughly 150 wild horses with bloodlines that follow to the regal stables of the King of Arabia. The stories of the individuals weave an enamoring story of riches, neediness and benefits.

Cumberland has a populace of non-domesticated horses wandering the island unreservedly. They exist on the island's characteristic abundance, for example, its bog grasses and ocean oats. The non-domesticated stallions seen on Cumberland today allegedly began from residential stock discharged on the island in the mid 1900s.

It's hard to depict the common joy of this untouched hindrance island that imaginably has the same striking resemblance as it did a century prior. It's a precious gem, and as a US National Park, has fortunately been safeguarded for the public.

As noted before, a visit to Cumberland Island will probably be a standout amongst the most extraordinary, natural areas you've ever had the chance to visit, and is exceptionally recommended.

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