The Country of Mediterranean Food-Best Wines and Many More–Italy

Mediterranean Food Italy

Italy is a fascinating country in numerous ways. It is surrounded by high Rocky Mountains, placid lakes and various cities which are full of artistic heritage. There are also some villages which are colonized by people with their own languages and traditions.

The main part of Italy’s culture is its food. It is the country of fine cuisine. A number of Italian foods are liked and followed not only in Italy but also in other countries. It is the centre of Mediterranean food. The Italian cuisine differs from place to place. Eating is a recreational and traditional activity, and when Italians eat they only focus on eating. They aren't concerned about losing weight.

Tubular pasta and tomato sauce originated from here. The most delicious dish which is known all over the world is Pizza. Even If you are not fond of pizza then you must try Italian pizza. It is the best because of its simplicity and fresh ingredients. It is superbly baked along with the base topped cheese and some fresh ingredients including vegetables topped on it. In Naples pizzas are sold by inch, while in Rome it is sold by weight.

The Italian dinner consists of antipasto which is followed by primo which is usually soup or pasta. After that second course, there comes meat or fish which is then followed by contorno which is a vegetable type fish.

If you are in search of the best food in Italy and you ask many Italians about the food, they will say confidently that the best food is in the region from where they belong. This is quite interesting because Italy’s food is very regional and each region has its unique cuisine which can not be found in any other region.

Italy is considered as the best wine sellers all over the world. The Italian food is followed by a good wine which includes chianti (red wine). Salerno is another type of wine which is from Naples. White wine’s variety is found in centre and south. The climate of Southern Italy is hotter than the north, so it produces stronger fruiter wines. In the north, the famous spumante wine is produced, it can be found in Asti.

Besides its best food and wines, Italy is one of the best places for tourism. It occupies a small place on the globe but it is the centre of many attractive cities and archeological buildings and monuments. The top places of Italy include Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan, Naples, Bologna, Riccione, Cattolica and many more. These places are tourist’s first choice for spending their vacations. Each year there is a steady stream of visitors throughout the country. As millions of people flock each year to this country, the country’s biggest income source is tourism.

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