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Corning Glass Museum

The Corning Glass Museum is located in Corning, New York. This museum mainly presents glass art, its historical background, techniques used to make masterpieces and the scientific elements and characteristics that glass possesses. This glass museum presents the fabulous and amazing glass items and masterpieces created over the last 35 centuries.

The Corning Museum of Glass was established in 1951 and over the years has held the ultimate collection of more than 45,000 glass items. Several of these pieces are more than 3000 years old and still they look as though they were just made.

The Corning Glass Museum is a nonprofit museum that is specifically dedicated to relating the story of glass from beginning to end and related research and presentations are still in progress. The museum tells the whole history of this single material, just glass, and no other material is involved or used in manufacturing any of the items available in the museum.

Tourists from all over the world visit the Corning Glass Museum when they come to New York to view amazing glass objects manufactured by the museum’s efficient and expert glassworkers. Tourists can even see the whole of the glass object manufacturing process. The museum has arranged a facility for visitors to explore the museum and its manufacturing department to see how its dedicated glassworkers prepare the beautiful glass objects for the museum. The museum’s administration also provides another excellent feature for its visitors. Visitors can make their own glass pieces under the expert supervision of qualified and experienced glassworkers. The 40-minute special class is offered for people who are interested in having fun and gaining experience of making glass and glass items. This special offer is available for visitors to take part in every day of the week.

The museum also arranges classes, presentations and conferences for interested people, especially university and college students. Some universities, schools, colleges and other educational and learning institutions arrange lectures with expert glass workers and researchers to teach their students about the historical background as well as the manufacturing process of glass and its related objects.

The collection of more than 45,000 glass items includes several historical glass masterpieces as well as more contemporary ones. Glass items ranging in size from small to large are available at the museum not just to view but also to purchase. This collection includes vases, decorative pieces, beads, jewelry, paperweights, ashtrays, crockery, and a variety of other incredible works of art. The museum has more than 200 established and well experienced artists and glass workers who make glass items and masterpieces for the museum.

Visitors must purchase a ticket to visit the museum and also need to make an advance reservation to take part in the glassmaking class. The visit is free for children and teenagers, but adults must purchase a ticket to enter the museum. Membership packages are also available from the museum’s office. Members contribute to the support of the museum for its running and development, while in return they receive such benefits as free entry, discounts on purchases and many more.

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