Copenhagen-Danish Delight


When it comes to Europe, one of the most developed and forward countries there is Denmark. Situated in the Scandinavian Peninsula, Denmark is home to some of the best and most beautiful natural and man-made wonders of the world. They also have some of the nicest people who are fluent in more than two languages as English is taught to all students in Denmark.

The capital of Denmark is Copenhagen and it is the second largest city in Scandinavia. Copenhagen ranks as an architectural delight with some wonderful and amazing buildings and sculptures dotting its skyline. The city is also one of the best to visit, as a tourist and here are a few of the attractions that it presents:

Tivoli Gardens:

Tivoli Gardens is a famous amusement park and pleasure garden situated in Copenhagen. It opened in the year 1843 and is the second oldest amusement park in the world. With an attendance of more than 4 Million tourists a year, it is also the second most visited seasonal theme park in the world.

The appeal that Tivoli Gardens possesses is due to its wonderful rides and landscape that has been painstakingly maintained for close to 170 years. The park is one of the best places to unwind and will provide some much needed fun and relief to any visitor with its array of rides and delights.

The Little Mermaid:

The Little Mermaid is a beautiful bronze statue situated just a few miles off Tivoli Gardens. The small statue is inspired by the Hans Christian Andersen fable and is a major tourist attraction in the city of Copenhagen.

Just like how Christ the Redeemer is an icon of Rio or The Statue of Liberty is the icon of New York, The Little Mermaid has received cult status amongst the Danish faithful as being a statue that the entire city represents itself with and is a famous tourist attraction.

Rosenberg Castle:

Built in 1606 by Christian IV, the Rosenberg Castle is another major attraction that is located in Copenhagen. It was built during the Renaissance period by the Dutch and is a stunning piece of architecture with its winding gardens as well as splendid architecture that is sure to make tourists sit up and take notice of its construction.

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