stockholm syndrome

“Stockholm syndrome” or “capture-bonding” is defined as: “Psychological phenomenon in which hostages have positive feelings toward their captors, even to the point of identifying with them”.

Now what does “Stockholm Syndrome” has to do with Stockholm? Actually a lot. Read this article till the end to find out.


Water- Water Everywhere: And lots of drops to drink. Wine, whisky, beer…get your fill starting from 30 SEK. There are all kinds of fun liquids.

And yes…there is water. The life-loving people of Stockholm got pretty creative. You can get your pick of water adventure, right from sailing to kayaking, or just jumping into the cool waves by yourself. If you are more of a laid back tourist, take the “Under the Bridges of Stockholm” tour. See how lovely aqua can be.

Weather, Lovely Weather: Where else would you find summers, where temperatures rises to the maximum of a comfortable 20 degrees, and drops to the lowest of fun -5 degrees. Enjoy romantic summers with a cold beer or two. If you will be here in winter, enjoy the snow and do try out ice hockey, as you don’t get to play it everywhere.

Safety: Swedes, by nature are peace loving people and would let you do your own things. By international standards, Stockholm is a safe city (unless you wander about the badlands in middle of the night).


Archipelago: If you love the shores, don’t leave Stockholm without visiting the fabled archipelago. If you are a true-blue water lover, don’t miss this 1000 island trip, even if the visa expires and you are deported (kidding). On a serious note, eve that would be worth it.

The Royal Palace: Pay a visit to the His Majesty’s not-so-humble 600-room abode. A visit to Gustav III’s Museum of Antiquities. then look at Queen Kristina’s silver throne that would make you see royalty with new eyes. And whatever you will do, don’t miss the royal parade and change of guard.

The Vasa Museum: It’s not a museum, it’s a SHIPthe only preserved seventeenth-century ship in the world, and it is 95% original. 10 exhibitions tell you the real story about life on the ship, and the movie about Vasa runs in 13 different languages. Still want another reason?…Kids till 18 are free…!

It’s a guarantee that Stockholm would captivate you with its charm, and that’s one captor you would fall in love with. Remember the “Stockholm syndrome”? It’s real…!

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