Colombia is an exotic land in South America that is not famous as a tourist destination. Infamous for its drug cartels and murders, the country is slowly recovering and showcasing to the world what a great holiday destination it can be. Colombia’s capital of Bogotá has a wide array of attractions that one can visit if the right itinerary is made for travel. A continent, which loves its football too, the nation did well in the recently concluded World Cup, losing out to South American rivals Brazil. So, here are three places one can visit while in Bogotá:

Gold Museum:

El Museo Del Oro, the Gold Museum, located in Bogota, has the biggest pre-Hispanic collection of Gold, in the whole world. The museum, with over 55,000 pieces of ornaments and artifacts has millions of visitors every year who marvel at the audacious design of the jewelry and other ornaments on display. The showpiece of the museum, however, remains the Muisca Raft, a remnant of the ceremony done in the name of the Colombian legend of El Dorado.


The Monserrate is a mountain around 3,152 meters in length that dominates the city skyline. There is a church at its peak, which is in tribute of El SeñorCaído, or the Fallen Lord. A famous pilgrim destination for Christians, it is also a major tourist spot with the peak offering a stunning view of the sunrise and sunset over the city of Bogota. The local belief is also that if a dating couple visits the mountain, the relationship gets cursed and will not last. So, enter at your own risk.


The Maloka is an interestingly dome shaped museum located in the heart of the city. The interactive museum, with over 9 rooms has a lot of interactive mini-games and activities that keep their guests entertained. A popular tourist spot for astro-lovers, many space-related documentaries are also displayed in the building.

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